Seminário@DEM – Gwendolen Reilly

Técnico - Campus Alameda

“Biomaterials for Bone Growth: Multiscale Complexity in Human Tissue.” - 10h30

• Data: 2 de junho 2022, quinta-feira
• Hora: 10h30
• Local: Pavilhão de Mecânica II, piso 1, anfiteatro AM.

• Oradora: professora Gwendolen Reilly (Department of Materials Science and Engineering & ‘Insigneo Institute for in silico Medicine’, University of Sheffield, UK).

• Título: “Biomaterials for Bone Growth: Multiscale Complexity in Human Tissue.

• Resumo
In this presentation I will give an overview of biomaterial strategies to produce 3D scaffolds for bone research to better understand and manipulate their structural and mechanical environments. One group of scaffolds are fabricated by electrospinning from polycaprolactone or polyurethane in aligned or non-aligned formats. We find that alignment can be used to guide bone-like collagen orientation in these in vitro systems. Interesting differences can be observed between cell responses at different stages of cell differentiation. Another group of scaffolds I will describe use multi-scale porosity emulsion-templated, polyHIPE scaffolds to provide single-cell niches and enable osteocyte-like morphological development. In particular, our group has a strong interest in the primary cilia as a mechanosensing organelle. Using traditional monolayer models and our more complex 3D environments we can observe the role of the primary cilia in supporting mechanosensation and the effects of cilia-elongating drugs on bone formation.

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