Palestra American Corner – David Giltner

Sala Q01

No âmbito da parceria do Instituto Superior Técnico com a Embaixada dos EUA relativa ao programa “American Corners Portugal”, é promovida pelo American Corner@Técnico a palestra “How to be More Employable in the Private Sector”, com David Giltner.

  • Data – 24 de fevereiro
  • Hora – 10h30
  • Local – Sala Q01, Campus Alameda

Resumo: Are you wondering what working in the private sector as a scientist or engineer is really like? Working in industry is very different than academic research and being successful requires understanding what behavior is rewarded and developing new habits accordingly.

In this seminar, I discuss how the private sector is different than the world of academia, and I use stories from my own career and the many industry scientists I’ve interviewed to illustrate exactly why these differences are so important.

Learning Outcomes:

This seminar will teach the participants the following:

1. Five important ways working in industry is different than academia

2. Five essential habits that successful scientists and engineers in industry learn quickly

3. One very useful technique for making difficult decisions and accelerating your career

ModeradoraSusana Relvas (Centro de Estudos de Gestão, CEG-IST)