Palestra American Corner – George M. Pantalos

Técnico - Campus Alameda

“Medical Technology to Support the Future of Exploration Spaceflight”. 12h

Vai realizar-se mais uma palestra no âmbito do American Corner@Técnico, promovida em parceria com o Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica (ISR), unidade de investigação própria do Técnico.

• 1 de abril de 2022, sexta-feira, 12h00 (hora de Lisboa) – Presencial*

• Orador: doutor George M. Pantalos (professor de Cirurgia Cardiovascular e Torácica e Engenharia Biomédica; Cardiovascular Innovation Institute, University of Louisville -UofL, Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare, Louisville KY, USA).

• Título: “Medical Technology to Support the Future of Exploration Spaceflight”.

• Resumo:
Space exploration beyond low Earth orbit requires that the international crew of astronauts operate more independently of mission control and be prepared to deal with more healthcare situations with fewer resources than are available on the International Space Station. Whenever possible, medical technologies will have to be part of other instruments on board the spacecraft that can be repurposed for healthcare applications to conserve mass, power, volume, crew training, and crew competence. Onboard 3D printing capability and the use of a human-inspired dexterous robot will create additional opportunities to support healthcare. Physiologic monitoring will be incorporated into daily functions and clothing. These and several other options for medical technology to support healthcare in space will be presented.

• Moderador: João Sanches (Professor catedrático, ISR / LARSyS, DBE/IST).

*Local: Torre Norte, piso 0, Anfiteatro EA1.