Palestra American Corner – Jon Schull

IStartLab (white room), Campus Alameda

Dia 22 de fevereiro, das 10h às 12h, no IStartLab (white room), Campus Alameda

Data: 22 de fevereiro
Hora: Das 10h às 12h
Local: IStartLab (white room), Campus Alameda

«No âmbito da parceria entre o Instituto Superior Técnico e a Embaixada dos EUA relativa ao programa “American Corners Portugal”, é promovida pelo American Corner@Técnico a palestra “Prosthetics and assistive devices 3d-printing workshop”, com Jon Schull.


In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore the 3D printing process for the manufacturing of biomedical prosthetics. Drawing upon his extensive experience as the founder of e-NABLE and his mission related to accessibility in healthcare, Dr. Jon Schull will guide participants through the fundamental concepts of creating 3D-printed prosthetics. This workshop will encompass practical insights into design, customization, and prosthetic manufacturing, emphasizing the transformative potential of 3D printing in the healthcare sector and inspiring participants to delve into this innovative technology.

Biografia do orador:

Jon Schull is a biological psychologist, entrepreneur, human-computer interaction researcher and digital community organizer, Dr. Schull is the founder of e-NABLE, an online philanthropic community that makes free open-source 3D-printed prosthetic hands and arms for children and adults with upper limb differences. Concerned about the climate crisis and impressed by recognition that healthy ecosystems are the earth’s air conditioning system, Schull is now helping to forge an online collaborative community of ecorestoration practitioners, scientists and storytellers inspired and empowered by the insight that reversing biodiversity loss and restoring healthy ecosystems normalizes climate and protects against warming, storming, fires, floods and droughts. Their aim is to mobilize millions to reverse global warming by restoring the planetary air conditioning system.»