INESC-ID Distinguished Lecture – Nicola Guarino

Técnico - Campi Alameda e Taguspark

A próxima INESC-ID Distinguished Lecture realizar-se-á  no dia 22 de maio, às 13h30. A próxima sessão do “DEI às Quartas” associa-se à iniciativa.

A palestra do professor Nicola Guarino será subordinada ao tema “Modeling business relationships”.

Sinopse: In this talk, I will first introduce the ontological basis of relationships reification, according to which relationships are seen as truthmakers of relations. I will then discuss two actual case studies, concerning respectively the core relations used to model economic transactions in the REA ontology, and the relations within a complex service system. 

Alameda – Pavilhão de Informática III, piso 0, Anfiteatro FA3
Taguspark – Sala 2N1.5 (videoconferência)

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