Palestra American Corner – Jonathan Clark

Anfiteatro EA2, Campus Alameda

Dia 8 de maio de 2023, às 16h, no Anfiteatro EA2 (Torre Norte, Campus Alameda).

Título: Space Tourism: The Commercial Potential of Space Travel
Jonathan Clark (Associate Professor of Neurology and Space Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston (USA))
Moderator: Rodrigo Ventura (Técnico / Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica – ISR-Lisboa)
Data: 8 de maio de 2023
Hora: 16h
Local: Anfiteatro EA2 (Torre Norte, Campus Alameda)
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«Commercial human spaceflight has been active for several decades and is rapidly expanding as new human rated launch vehicles and spacecraft have become available. This presentation will provide a broad overview including why humans want to go to space, various past commercial spaceflight participants and preparation for commercial spaceflight participants.»