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IST offers a vast selection of Master programms addressing the key scientific and technological challenges of modern societies. Master programs confer advanced training in specific domains of engineering, science and technology. It comprises the participation in research and development activities in one of the IST research centres and in close collaboration with faculty members, researchers and industries. Through a variety of international programs, IST offers the possibility of completing part of the M.Sc studies in one of our international academic partners.

Course Model Campus Programme
Aerospace Engineering Integrated Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

The Aerospace Engineering course has interdisciplinary characteristics, combining the most advanced technologies in terms of the design, operation and maintenance of different types of vehicles, such as airplanes, helicopters, robotized airplanes, rockets and satellites.
Architecture Integrated Master Alameda Programme
 [Photo] Architecture


The Architecture course offers students a comprehensive range of contents that ensure specific skills in the technical aspects of architecture, without disregarding the artistic and cultural component.
Bioengineering and Nanosystems Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Bioengineering and Nanosystems

Bioengineering and Nanosystems Master

The Master in Bioengineering and Nanosystems is innovative and unique in Portugal, based on multidisciplinary approach between Engineering and Life Sciences, with a strong background in biology, chemistry, physics, materials, electronics and informatics, and giving a strong contribution to the development and innovation in advanced areas of biology, bioengineering, nanosciences, and nanotechnologies of the 21st century.
Biological Engineering Integrated Master Alameda Programme
[Foto] Biological Engineering

Biological Engineering

The Biological Engineering course gives a strong background on the principles and methods of engineering design of biological processes and products, based on the integration of bioengineering, molecular biology, omics, systems biology, nanotechnologies and innovation, and their application on industry, health, environment and services.
Biomedical Engineering Integrated Master Alameda Programme
[Foto] Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

The master in Biomedical Engineering, a partnership between Técnico and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon, explores the XXIst century convergence between Engineering and Biology and Medicine, integrating both the fundamental and applied aspects of engineering in the research, diagnostics, and therapeutics in the medical sciences and health technologies, forming engineers able to create and design the biomedical technologies of the future.
Biomedical Technologies Master Alameda Programme
[Foto] Biomedical Technologies

Biomedical Technologies

The masters in biomedical technologies constitutes an advanced education program, application oriented, positioned at the frontier between Engineering and Medicine, allowing for a complementary education to candidates coming from Engineering or Life Sciences by building valencies in the use and design of biomedical technologies.
Biotechnology Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Biotechnology


The Master in Biotechnology offer students an integrating vision of Life Sciences and Engineering, in particular in Cellular Microbiology, Functional Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics, Cell Engineering, Bioengineering and Bionanotechnology.
Chemical Engineering Integrated Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering course aims training future scientists and engineers to carry out research and technical development in the fields of energy, environment, catalytic process, polymer sciences, system engineering, and advanced transport phenomena to achieve sustainable processes.
Chemistry Master Alameda Programme
[Foto] Chemistry


The Master in Chemistry offers an integrated view of knowledge of traditional and emergent areas associated to the conception, synthesis and characterization of new products and new materials, pharmaceutical products synthesis and biomaterials.
Civil Engineering Integrated Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering course provides students with deep knowledge on planning, design, project, construction, rehabilitation and inspection of buildings and bridges, hydraulic projects, regional and urban planning, as well as transport infrastructure systems
Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering
(Old Communication Networks Engineering)
Master Taguspark Programme
[Photo] Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering

Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering

The Master Programme in Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering aims advanced training in the area of information and communication technologies, preparing future engineers to address the new challenges emerging from the convergence of information technologies and telecommunications. Future communication networks engineers are particularly skilled to deal with complex (fixed or mobile) communications networks, in the context of communications infrastructures, service development and/or applications.
Complex Transport Infrastructure Systems (with MIT) Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Complex Transport Infrastructure Systems (with MIT)

Complex Transport Infrastructure Systems

The Master in Complex Transport Infrastructure Systems, a program unique world wild, brings together the tradition and rigor of a Master in Engineering with the insights of an MBA, built on three key domains: engineering, management and financing; policy and regulation in a blend.
Construction and Rehabilitation Master Alameda Programme
[Foto] Construção e Reabilitação

Construction and Rehabilitation

The Master in Construction and Rehabilitation is aimed at engineers and architects willing to deepen their knowledge and expertise in this field. The course covers a set of coherent curricular units in the fields of Construction Technology, Construction Materials, Building Physics and Construction Management.
Electrical and Computer Engineering Integrated Master Alameda Programme
[Photo]  Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Electrical and Computer Engineering course includes contents such as the development of systems for the production and transmission of electrical energy and its multiple applications to electronics, automation, telecommunications and computers.
Electronics Engineering Master Taguspark Programme
[Photo] Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electronics Engineering

The Master in Electronics Engineering offers specialized training in a vast range of knowledge and creative skills, focused on cutting-edge technologies in electronic components, equipment and systems on all its aspects and applications, namely telecommunications, control, informatics and energy.
Energy Engineering and Management Master Alameda Programme
Engineering and energy management

Energy Engineering and Management

The Master Course in Energy Engineering and Management at IST provides the students with an in-depth education in the field of Energy. The course contents and the learning process are based on a solid scientific approach to Energyproblems and their solutions within an integrated vision of the Energy field. The graduates are expected to have relevant professional development in the society with sustainable energy we want to build for the future.
Industrial and Engineering Management Master Taguspark Programme
[Photo] Industrial Engineering and Management

Industrial and Engineering Management

The Master in Industrial and Engineering Management offers a multidisciplinary formation integrating technological and engineering aspects with management and economy knowledge, thus training engineers with both technological and business/management skills.
Engineering and Water Management Master Alameda Programme
Environmental Engineering Integrated Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

The graduation in Environmental Engineering is designed for the training of engineers with a high technical and scientific profile, who can decisively contribute to solve multiple environmental and natural resource management problems that modern societies have been facing, such as water, soil and the ecosystems.
Information Security and Cyberspace Law Mestrado Alameda Programme
[Foto] Information Security and Cyberspace Law

Information Security and Cyberspace Law

The MSc Program in Information Security and Law in Cyberspace aims to provide, in this area of utmost social and economic relevance, an updated and comprehensive training, targeted at enhancing previous knowledge and acquiring new competences, and adapting to the academic and professional experience of each student. Being a partnership between Escola Naval, Faculdade de Direito and Instituto Superior Técnico, the aim is to approach such an interdisciplinary area in an integrated way in order to enrich technical, technological and scientific competences, as well as to respond to the needs of specialization in the areas of information management and law.
Information Systems and Computer Engineering Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Information Systems and Computer Engineering

Information Systems and Computer Engineering

The Master in Information Systems and Computer Engineering offers specialized training in the areas of software engineering, in its multiple aspects, ranging from the conception of information systems for all types of companies to the implementation of complex distributed systems, based on the internet technologies.
Geographic Information Systems Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems

The need for integration of geographic information from multidisciplinary sources increased over the last decades in many areas of scientific and technological activity. However the professionals in these areas, given the general nature of their courses, denote a general lack of specific training in geographic information systems. The Master's degree in Geographic Information Systems aims to address this need for advanced training in specific geographical information technology.
Information Systems and Computer Engineering Master Taguspark Programme
[Photo] Information Systems and Computer Engineering

Information Systems and Computer Engineering

The Master in Information Systems and Computer Engineering offers specialized training in the areas of software engineering, in its multiple aspects, ranging from the conception of information systems for all types of companies to the implementation of complex distributed systems, based on the internet technologies.
Materials Engineering Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Materials Engineering

Materials Engineering

The Master in Materials Engineering offers specialised training in science and technology of materials, emphasising the structure and properties of the materials, and the relationship between materials production and materials performance in the different areas of engineering. This course aims not just at the traditional areas of Engineering but also at the new emerging areas, such as functional materials, micro and nanotechnologies and Biomaterials.
Mathematics and Applications Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Applied Mathematics and Computation

Mathematics and Application

The Master in Mathematics and Applications aims preparing professionals scientifically and technologically qualified for demanding sectors of industry and services, with a solid background in mathematics and its applications to sciences and engineering, namely via numerical analysis, statistics or computation.
Microbiology Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Microbiology


This Master´s degree in Microbiology is taught by 4 Schools of the new University of Lisbon, Instituto Superior Técnico and the Faculties of Science, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. It offers an in-depth understanding of molecular and cellular microbiology and microbial diversity and evolution, the contemporary view of genome-based microbiology exploiting Omics and bioinformatics analyses and the perspective of systems and synthetic microbiology. This joint Master´s allows a broad spectrum and high quality competitive education in Microbiology for the Biotechnology, Health, Food Safety and Environmental sectors.
Mechanical Engineering Integrated Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a professional activity ruled by "Ordem dos Engenheiros" aimed at the application of theoretical, practical and experimental knowledge, constrained by economical, social, ethical and environmental issues, to the design, manufacture, control and management of products, processes, equipments, energy and technological systems.
Mining and Geological Engineering Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Geological and Mining Engineering

Mining and Geological Engineering

The Master in Mining and Geological Engineering offers specialized training and competences in the exploration and valorization of mineral, water, oil and gas resources and solid waste recycling, namely, plastics, batteries and other urban and industrial waste.
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

The Master Programme in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering offers practical and specialized training, emphasising the design related to all types of vehicles that use the sea and the inner waters as means of transportation, exploration of resources and leisure activities.
Pharmaceutical Engineering Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Pharmaceutical Engineering

Pharmaceutical Engineering

The Master in Pharmaceutical Engineering offers advanced education according to the fundamental principles of the pharmaceutical science and technology, chemical or medical therapeutics, quality management systems, product conception, process engineering and pharmaceutical regulamentation and evaluation.
Petroleum Engineering Master Alameda Programme
[Foto] Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

The MSc in Petroleum Engineering offers training in "upstream" covering the area of Exploration, Reservoir and Production Engineering. This is a Masters in exploration and production of hydrocarbons, designed to train technical staff for the oil industry, and in close connection with this.
Structural Engineering Master Alameda Programme
Technological Physics Engineering Integrated Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Physics Engineering

Technological Physics Engineering

The Technological Physics Engineering course allows students to be involved in great technological challenges that mankind faces nowadays, such as reproducing on Earth the energy from the stars, the beginning of the nanotechnology revolution in medicine and biology, solving energy problems, among many others.
Information and Enterprise Systems Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Information and Enterprise Systems

Information and Enterprise Systems

Master Degree in Information and Enterprise Systems main purpose is to train professionals, with solid basis training and skills, in technologies and enterprise systems to meet the needs of constant technological innovation on enterprises and organisations, within the context of rapid development of information society and knowledge.
Transport Infrastructure Engineering Master Alameda Programme
Transport Planning and Operation Master Alameda Programme
Urban Studies and Territorial Management Master Alameda Programme
[Photo] Urban Studies and Territorial Management

Urban Studies and Territorial Management

The Master in Urban Studies and Territorial Management aims at training experts that are able to correspond to the market necessities, emphasising the urban spaces analysis in terms of methodologies, development models and involvement policies