Teaching Model

Since 1911, Técnico has been providing training to thousands of students based on an education strongly recognized for its solid basic preparation. In 2021, Técnico updated its teaching model to meet the demanding challenges of today’s world.

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Undergraduate Programmes

Técnico offers a wide range of undergraduate courses based on a solid training in physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering sciences. Undergraduate students have multiple options: to continue their studies for a master degree, enter directly in the labour market or create a company.

Undergraduate Courses


Integrated Master’s Programmes

Técnico offers a wide variety of Master’s courses, addressing the most important scientific and technological challenges of modern society and providing solid advanced training in specific areas of engineering, science and technology.

Integrated Master’s Degrees


Master’s Programmes

Master’s programmes at Técnico include research and design activities carried out in the research centres and institutes. Students at Técnico will have the opportunity to do part of their Master studies in an international school, through the different international programmes.

Master’s Degrees



Fostering contact with subjects that are not directly related to the course curriculum that students are attending, provides a broader and fuller education. A Minor refers to a small number of specific subjects, which supplements the study fields of 2nd cycle programes, and it falls under the optional component.



PhD Programmes

PhD programmes at Técnico are provided in association with national and international universities and, in some cases, a dual degree is granted. Students actively participate in national and international research projects, they are encouraged to patent their ideas and to develop an entrepreneurial attitude.

PhD Programmes

Cursos Online do Técnico

Online Courses

The MOOC courses of Técnico Lisboa are open online courses designed to offer the best online education with substantiated, relevant, cutting-edge contents. Anyone, anywhere in the world can register and participate in the MOOC Técnico courses, under the motto “learn wherever and whenever you want”, without compromising a certified high-quality education.

Online Courses

Cursos de Formação Contínua

Advanced and Lifelong Learning

Técnico attempts to respond to the increasingly demanding professional challenges imposed by the knowledge society, offering a wide range of courses namely in the fields of Science and Technology.

Lifelong Learning Courses


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