About Técnico’s Merchandise Store

The IST offers a wide range of products, which can be purchased at the Merchandise Store, located in the main entrance of the Main Building (Alameda Campus). You can also buy these products at Oeiras Taguspark Campus and at Loures, CTN – Tecnológico e Nuclear Campus.

At Alameda campus store there are also some Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) and Tunas (Técnico’s students music groups) products.

Schedule (Alameda campus):
8:00 – 16:00 (lunch break: 12:00 – 13:00)
The store is closed from the 1st to the 15th of August, 2022. 

Location: in front of the Main Builing’s Reception at Alameda Campus.

For more information contact the Store by e-mail or telephone +351 218 417 000.

Técnico Lisboa Products


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Técnico's Lapel pin in silver In stock 15 €
Classic ceramic mug “Mathematical Formulas” Out of stock 0 €
Classic ceramic mug “I Love ISTo!” In stock 5 €
Classic ceramic mug with chalk surface + chalk Out of stock 0 €
Porcelain Coffee Set In stock 25 €
Badge “I Love ISTo” or “I ♥ Técnico” (Ø59mm) In stock 1 €
Philatelic commemorative issue of the IST centenary (First Day cover with the stamp and brochure shape A5), 1911-2011, by the Portuguese Post Office (CTT) - for collectors In stock 3.5 €
Printed cloth lanyard, 20mm, with carabiner “Mathematical Formulas” In stock 1 €
Aluminum sports bottle with carabiner, 25oz (silver or black) In stock 6 €
Stainless steel vacuum thermoflask, 17oz (white or blue) In stock 7 €
Card game in a metal box In stock 5 €
Sugar free mint drops (30-each can) In stock 1.5 €
USB flash drive (4GB) In stock 5 €
Técnico's official pin In stock 1.5 €
Cork and metal keyring, supplied in gift box In stock 5 €
Lanyard cork keyring (20mm) Out of stock 3.5 €
Leather and metal keyring (blue) Out of stock 0 €
PVC wallet, Ø65x12mm (black, blue or red) In stock 1 €
Set of postcards - “Antique Scientific Instruments - Técnico’s History” In stock 2 €
Set of 2 serigraphs, Técnico’s Centenary Commemoration (1911-2011), by Ana Vidigal In stock 120 €

Stationery - Notebooks

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Prestige A5 plain notebook with elastic band closure (mosaic-017) In stock 8 €
Hard cover plain notebook, A5, with elastic band closure (red) In stock 4 €
Notebook with cover and ballpoint pen on recycled cardboard (blue, red or black) In stock 3 €
Hard cover lined notebook with natural card cover (black, orange or green) In stock 3 €
Hard cover plain notebook (dark blue, blue cyan, red and black) In stock 3 €
Small notebook with spiral and plastic cover, ballpoint pen and lanyard (blue, orange or green) In stock 2.5 €
Notebook IST, A4 (plain, lined or squared paper) In stock 2 €
Spiral notebook with 250 post-its in different colors/sizes with cover on recycled cardboard In stock 2.5 €
Easy notebook with post-its (black or natural card cover) In stock 1 €
Whiteboard notebook, A5, write, erase, write, erase, with pen In stock 8.5 €
Classic Moleskine, plain notebook (black) In stock 15 €

Stationery - Writing

Artigo Preço
Eraser with protective cover (blue, yellow, orange, green or red) In stock 1 €
Sheaffer ballpoint (Prelude mini) with gift box (silver) In stock 30 €
Parker fountain pen (IM) with gift box (black) In stock 25 €
Aluminum ballpoint pen (Binary) - Model also available in mechanical pencil In stock 4 €
Aluminum ballpoint pen (Byzar) with rotating mechanism (white, blue, red or pink fuchsia) In stock 3 €
Classic ballpoint pen with rotating mechanism (black) In stock 8 €
Metalic ballpoint pen (champagne/gold, dark gray/titanium, silver or black) In stock 3 €
IST ballpoint (blue or black) In stock 0.5 €
Cloth pencil case In stock 3 €
Viarco black pencil In stock 0.5 €
Aluminum mechanical pencil (Binary) - Model also available in ballpoint pen In stock 4 €
Recycle card mechanical pencil, refill 12x0.5mm included In stock 1 €
Silicone flexible ruler, 30cm (blue) In stock 0.6 €

Books - Técnico

Artigo Preço
Exhibition catalogue “Casa dos Segredos”, Ana Vidigal (2011) In stock 2 €
“A Génese do IST: Alfredo Bensaude” (2011) In stock 10 €
“Duarte Pacheco: do Técnico ao Terreiro do Paço” (2011) In stock 10 €
“Manuel Abreu Faro: A criar bases para a ciência em Portugal” (2016) In stock 25 €

Books - University Publishing House (IST Press)

Artigo Preço
“Haja Luz! (...)”, Jorge Calado (3rd edition, 2015) In stock 46 €
“Notas Histórico-Pedagógicas sobre o IST”, A. Bensaude (1922) In stock 10 €
“O País a Régua e Esquadro (D. Pacheco)”, Sandra Vaz Costa (2012) In stock 28 €
“Teatro e Poesia”, António Herculano de Carvalho (2008) In stock 27 €
Photo book “I.S.T”, Augusto Alves da Silva (1994) In stock 50 €


Artigo Preço
Improvisações, António Pinho Vargas recorded at IST (2009 - CD DIGIBOOK) In stock 10 €
Mencobini & Cantar Lontano, Monteverdi-Vespers (2009, double CD) In stock 15 €


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Commemorative Técnico’s Centennial medal (*) Out of stock 0 €
Official Técnico’s Medal (*) In stock 12.5 €
Medal in honor of Eng. Duarte Pacheco (1993 - 50th anniversary of his death) In stock 8 €
(*) [Extra] velvet box available In stock 7.5 €


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Polyester Scarf, 35x145cm In stock 30 €
Polyester Tie (blue and dark red) In stock 15 €
Silk Tie (blue and dark red) In stock 20 €
Crew Neck Sweatshirt (gray) In stock 15 €
Hoodie Sweatshirt (navy blue, gray, red, cyan and black) In stock 18 €
Polar Jacket - with zip (navy blue) In stock 20 €
Polo shirt, short-sleeved with embroidered IST logo (navy blue, cyan and gray) In stock 10 €
T-shirt unisex (cyan, navy blue, gray and white) In stock 6 €
Women’s T-shirts (cyan and navy blue) In stock 6 €
Varsity Jacket - college jacket with zip and buttons (navy blue/white) In stock 25 €
Zoodie Hoodie - sweatshirt with zip and hood (gray and navy blue) In stock 20 €

Winter collection

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Antonio Miro automatic umbrella with bag (black) In stock 12 €
Bullet foldable umbrella with bag (navy blue and black) In stock 6 €
Ball with raincoat (white, red or blue) In stock 3.5 €

Bags and Covers

Artigo Preço
Tablet cover, made of recycled wood and velvet, 20,5x28x1,8 cm In stock 7.5 €
Tablet cover, made of neoprene, 34x29x3cm (black) In stock 7.5 €
Writing package (black) In stock 0.5 €
Tie package (envelope type) In stock 1 €
T-shirt package (envelope type) In stock 1 €
Polyester backpack (navy blue, red, black, orange, green, gray or cyan) In stock 2 €
Fabric cloth bag, cotton, with two long handles, 37x41cm (black) In stock 3 €
Paper bag (white) In stock 0.5 €
Plastic bag (white) In stock 0.5 €

Document cases

Artigo Preço
Plastic document briefcase, A4, made of polypropylene (gray) In stock 2 €
Cardboard document case, A4 In stock 0.9 €
Plastic document case, A4 (white, green, red, blue, yellow or transparent) In stock 0.5 €
Cotton and yuke document case, A4, with pen and notebook In stock 20 €

ULisboa Products


Artigo Preço
Spiral notebook, A4 In stock 4 €
Colored notebook, A5 In stock 2 €
Notebook A5 with silver cover In stock 5 €
Notebook with bag (similar to Moleskine) In stock 6 €

Stationary — Writing material

Artigo Preço
Pen (basic) In stock 1 €
Pen (normal) In stock 2 €
Pen Bic In stock 3 €
Pencil In stock 0.5 €


Artigo Preço
Classic ceramic mug with chalk surface + chalk In stock 3 €
Leather wallet In stock 18 €
Metal pencilcase In stock 5 €
Umbrella (black and navy blue) In stock 10 €