About Técnico Merchandise Store

Técnico offers a wide range of products that can be purchased at the Merchandise Store –  Alameda campus (Main Building). These products are also available at Taguspark Campus and CTN – Tecnológico e Nuclear Campus.

The Merchandise Store at Alameda campus offers merchandise products of Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) – Lojas U – and “Tunas” (Técnico students music groups).

Opening hours (Alameda campus):
8:00 – 16:00 (lunch break: 12:00 – 13:00)
The store is closed from the 1st to the 15th of August, 2022. 

Location: in front of the Main Building’s Reception at Alameda Campus.

For more information contact the Store by e-mail or telephone +351 218 417 000.

Técnico Lisboa Products


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Técnico Insignia Lapel Pin in Silver In stock 15 €
Oval Cufflinks in silver-plated with Técnico logo-engraved In stock 25 €
Ceramic mug, 350ml, “Mathematical Formulas” Coming soon 5 €
Ceramic mug, 350ml, (customized with six different images of Science/ Técnico R&D units) In stock 5 €
Ceramic mug “I Love ISTo!” In stock 5 €
Chalkboard ceramic mug, 350ml, (chalk included) In stock 5 €
Set of postcards - "Coleção instrumentos científicos-História do Técnico" In stock 2 €
Commemorative stamps issued by the Portuguese Postal Office (CTT), 100th anniversary of Técnico (1911-2011) – for collectors In stock 3.5 €
Printed double sided lanyard, 20mm, with carabiner - “Mathematical Formulas” In stock 1 €
Adjustable round tubular lanyard, Ø25mm, two colour striped, customized with epoxy resin In stock 2 €
Aluminium sports bottle with leak-proof screw locking and carabiner. Capacity up to 400ml (blue, silver, black) In stock 4 €
Sports bottle, in aluminium and AS, with carry handle. Capacity up to 650ml (blue, white, black, green) In stock 6 €
Aluminium sports bottle with carabiner, screw lock and mouthpiece. Capacity up to 750ml (silver, black) In stock 6 €
Aluminium sports bottle with leak-proof screw locking and carabiner. Capacity up to 800ml (blue, white, black, red) In stock 6 €
Stainless steel vacuum bottle. Capacity up to 500ml (blue, white, silver) In stock 7 €
Crystal glass bottle with screw cap and soft shell pouch (cyan blue, dark blue, white, orange, black, red). Capacity up to 520ml. In stock 6 €
Glass bottle "Técnico Lisboa", 1L, reusable In stock 7.5 €
Deck of playing cards in customized tin box In stock 5 €
Técnico pen drive (USB, 4GB) In stock 5 €
Técnico lapel pin (silver metal, polished), 7x10mm In stock 1.5 €
Técnico lapel pin (resin glazed) 7x10mm In stock 1 €
PVC Wallet, 5x7.5x1cm (cyan blue, orange, black, dark green, red) In stock 2.5 €
Natural cork keychain (gift box included) In stock 5 €
Leather keychain engraved with Técnico logo (dark blue) In stock 5 €
Wrist lanyard keychain (20cm) customized with woven label, nautical rope Ø7mm, two colour stripe In stock 3 €
Round tubular lanyard (50cm) with keyring and customized with woven label, tubular Ø6mm, two colour stripe In stock 4.5 €
«EGG®» PowerStation Técnico (15 sockets, 2 USB ports, 1.5m extension cable) In stock 37.5 €
Set of 2 serigraphs by Ana Vidigal, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Técnico (1911-2011) In stock 120 €

Stationery - Notepads & Notebooks

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"Técnico Lisboa" A4 notepad (plain, ruled and squared) In stock 2 €
Sticky notepad, with 25 Post-it sticky notes, assorted sizes and colours, 6.5x10.5x0.5cm, with recycled cardboard cover and elastic closure (natural and black) In stock 1 €
Sticky notepad, with 250 post-it sticky notes, two sizes and different colours, with spiral and cover in recycled cardboard (natural colour) In stock 2.5 €
"Cilux" A5 notebook, 14.7x21cm, plain, with hard cover in PP/PU and elastic closure (black) In stock 4 €
Plain notebook, 14x9x0.7cm, with recycled cardboard cover and ballpoint pen (blue, red, black) In stock 3 €
«Ivory® Mosaic-017» A5 plain notebook, 14x21cm, with elastic closure and pen-holder In stock 8 €
«Kine» A6 plain notebook, with hard cover in PP/PU (blue, red, green, black) In stock 3 €
Mini notepad, 9x7x0.8cm, with spiral, plastic cover, folding ballpoint pen and neck strap (orange, lime green) In stock 2.5 €
«Steno» A6 ruled notebook, in vertical format, with hard cover (black, lime green, orange) In stock 3 €
Reusable «infiniteBook®» plain A4, with ballpoint pen (cover: grey/mathematical formulas) In stock 15 €
Reusable «infiniteBook®», plain A5, with ballpoint pen (cover: white, black / mathematical formulas) In stock 10 €

Stationery - Writing

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Pencil eraser with protective cover (yellow, blue, orange, lime green) In stock 1.5 €
«Parker® Vector 8510» rollerball pen, gift box included (blue, white, bordeaux) In stock 8 €
«Cross® Bailey Medalist» fountain pen, padded gift box included (premium) In stock 40 €
«Parker® IM», fountain pen, gift box included (white/plated, black/plated, black/golden, stainless steel) In stock 40 €
Técnico ballpoint pen (blue, black) In stock 0.5 €
Matte metallic ballpoint pen (Binary), with rubber clip (black, silver) In stock 3 €
Aluminium ballpoint pen (Byzar), with touch point and rotating mechanism (yellow, blue, white, red, fuchsia, orange, green) In stock 3 €
«Cross® Bailey Medalist» ballpoint pen, padded gift box included (premium) Out of stock 0 €
«Louvre» ballpoint pen, in metal and 18-carat gold-plated elements, rotating mechanism. padded gift box included In stock 12 €
Matte aluminium «Neilo» ballpoint pen, with touch point (champagne, silver, black, titanium) In stock 3 €
«Parker® Jotter 2100» ballpoint pen, gift box included (blue, white, red, orange, ivory) In stock 7.5 €
«Parker® Jotter 8509» ballpoint pen, gift box included (silver- stainless steal) Out of stock 0 €
«Parker® Vector 8882» ballpoint pen, gift box included (blue, white, bordeaux, black) In stock 8 €
Stainless steel «Sheaffer® Prelude Mini» ballpoint pen, gift box included (silver) In stock 30 €
Fabric pencil case with zipper In stock 3 €
«Viarco® P150» charcoal pencil (black/cyan) In stock 0.5 €
0.5 mm mechanical pencil, with integrated eraser protected on the top, 0.5 (yellow, red) In stock 1.5 €
«Binary» 0.5 mm metal matte mechanical pencil, with rubber grip (black) In stock 3 €
«Parker® Jotter 8507», 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, gift box included (silver - stainless steel) In stock 15 €
PVC flexible ruler, 30 cm, (blue) In stock 1.5 €


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“A Génese do IST: Alfredo Bensaude” (2011) In stock 10 €
Exhibition catalogue “Casa dos Segredos”, Ana Vidigal (2011) In stock 2 €
“Haja Luz! Uma História da Química Através de Tudo”, by Jorge Calado (2015, 3rd edition) In stock 46 €
“IST”, by Augusto Alves da Silva (1994) - Photography book with texts written by Jorge Calado In stock 50 €
“Duarte Pacheco: do Técnico ao Terreiro do Paço” (2011) In stock 10 €
“Manuel Abreu Faro: A criar bases para a ciência em Portugal”, by M. Abreu Faro (2016) In stock 25 €
"Mentes Digitais: A Ciência Redefinindo a Humanidade", by Arlindo Oliveira (2017) In stock 22 €
“Notas Histórico-Pedagógicas sobre o IST”, by Alfredo Bensaude (1922) In stock 10 €
“O Longo Caminho para a Igualdade. Mulheres e Homens no Século XXI”, by Ana Maria Magalhães e Isabel Alçada (2021) In stock 10 €


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"Improvisações" by António Pinho Vargas, recorded at IST (2009 - CD DIGIBOOK) In stock 10 €
Mencobini & Cantar Lontano, Monteverdi-Vespers (2009, double CD) In stock 15 €


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Commemorative medal - 110th anniversary of Técnico (1911-2021), com bolsa em veludo incluída.Commemorative Técnico’s Centennial medal (*) In stock 17 €
Velvet box (sold separately) In stock 10 €
Medal in honor of Eng. Duarte Pacheco (1993 - 50th anniversary of his death) In stock 8 €


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Micro-polar jacket, two side pockets and zip, with embroidered logo, unisex (dark blue) Out of stock 0 €
Técnico Polyester Scarf, 35x145cm In stock 30 €
Técnico Polyester Tie (blue and dark red) In stock 15 €
Técnico Silk Tie (blue and dark red) Out of stock 0 €
Polyester community face mask, reusable (25 washes) - Level 3, model C (two sizes - blue) In stock 4 €
Short sleeve pique polo shirt with embroidered logo, unisex (blue, grey) In stock 10 €
Unisex hooded sweatshirt with marsupial pocket (blue, grey, black, red) In stock 18 €
Unisex two-pocket zip-up hooded jacket (dark blue, grey) In stock 20 €
Unisex crew-neck sweatshirt (grey) In stock 15 €
Kids t-shirts (9/11, 12/14 - blue) In stock 6 €
Women’s t-shirts (blue) In stock 6 €
Unisex t-shirt (blue, grey, black) In stock 6 €
Técnico Varsity Jacket (darkblue/white) In stock 25 €

Winter collection

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«Antonio Miro® Campbell» umbrella, Ø120cm, with automatic opening, windproof system and in resistant pongee material. In stock 15 €
Folding umbrella, Ø120cm, with automatic opening, 8 fibre poles, windproof system, straight rubberised handle, with bag (blue, white, orange, black, red, green) In stock 10 €
Hooded rain poncho (blue, white, red) In stock 3.5 €

Bags and Covers

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Natural cork tablet sleeve - 9.7'', 25.5x30cm In stock 10 €
Neoprene tablet sleeve - 10'', 20x25x1.88cm (black) In stock 7.5 €
Neoprene tablet sleeve - 13'', 34x29x3cm (black) In stock 7.5 €
Mobile phone natural cork sleeve - 8.5x13x0.7cm, In stock 5 €
Adjustable natural cork A5 notebook cover In stock 10 €
Tie package (envelope type), cardboard (blue) In stock 1 €
T-shirt package (envelope type), cardboard (blue) In stock 1 €
210t polyester drawstring backpack bag (blue, orange, black, red, green) In stock 2 €
100% cotton bag 140g, 37x41cm, with 75cm handles (black) In stock 3 €
Cotton twill bag 310g, 39x50cm, with two handles (black) In stock 5 €

Document and card holders

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A4 document cover, with inside flap, in plastic coated glossy cardboard (white) In stock 1 €
Cardboard document case, A4 In stock 0.9 €
A4 Opaque polypropylene document bag with lock and handle (grey) In stock 2 €
Soft PVC ID badge card holder, 11.2(10.5)x14.54(15.0)cm, for lanyard In stock 0.35 €
PVC ID badge card holder, 9x6cm, for lanyard In stock 0.15 €
A4 linen document holder, with pen and notepad In stock 20 €
A4 natural cork document holder, with notepad and elastic closure, 30.5x24x1.8cm In stock 10 €
A5 natural cork holder, with notepad and elastic closure, 20x16x1.5cm In stock 7.5 €

ULisboa Products


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A4 ruled spiral notebook with plastic cover (black) Out of stock 0 €
A5 notebook (Moleskine type) with inner pocket (black) In stock 6 €
A5 ruled notebook, with hard cover (silver) In stock 5 €
A5 ruled notebook, with recycled cardboard cover (blue, orange, black, lime green) In stock 2 €

Stationary — Writing material

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Basic ballpoint pen (blue, green, orange) In stock 2 €
Medium ball point pen, Parker type (black,white) In stock 2 €
«Bic» gel ink pen (grey, black) In stock 3 €
Charcoal pencil with eraser (black, natural) In stock 0.5 €
Set of 2 ballpoint pens in metal box (blue) In stock 5 €


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Neoprene 10" tablet sleeve (blue, black, lime green) In stock 7.5 €
Cap Out of stock 0 €
Running armband for mobile phone with screen up to 4" (black) In stock 4 €
Chalkboard ceramic mug Out of stock 0 €
Leather wallet (camel) In stock 18 €
Waterproof bucket hat (black) In stock 5 €
Embroidered patch In stock 2 €
Sports bottle, 400ml (yellow, turquoise, orange) In stock 2 €
Umbrella (black) In stock 7.5 €
Metal pin In stock 2 €