Basic Sciences

A deep understanding of basic sciences is a key factor for the development of new technologies. They play a central role in all of Técnico’s wide-ranging research activities: number theory, dynamic systems, cosmology, particle physics, membranes and polymers, among others.The area of basic sciences is common to all activities at Técnico: training (graduate and undergraduate), research and innovation.


  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry

Applied Life Sciences

What do Internet and human immune system have in common? How stem cells become specialised cells and grouped together into organ systems? How new molecules and medicines can be created and developed to tackle widespread diseases?This research area will show how these challenges can be addressed, covering a wide range of topics, ranging from biology and science to engineering.

Energy, Environment and Mobility

It is urgent to rethink the use of energy and natural resources globally, as well as to address the problem of climate change and carbon emissions. This calls for a new perspective towards traditional engineering problems related to energy, built environment, planning and large scale transportation systems.This research area is common to many research activities at Técnico and to almost all engineering disciplines.

Engineering and Production Technologies

The new production technologies are revolutionising the manufacturing engineering sector, aiming to improve quality and develop new products in a sustainable way. These research areas comprise advanced design and production, aerospace engineering and marine technologies.

Technology Management and Entrepreneurship

Modern large-scale engineering projects cannot be dissociated from their social and economic impact. Technology management and entrepreneurship is one of the research areas involving topics such as management, economics, innovation, public policies and technological leadership.

Materials, Microtechnology and Nanoscience

Materials technologies, as well as micro and nano systems technologies are the most promising areas for industrial growth worldwide. This branch of science comprises the design, manufacture and packaging of micro and nano devices, ranging from single components to complex systems. Application areas involve electronics, mechatronics, automotive, biomedical industry, health, energy saving and information and communication technologies. This research area is based on a solid and broad knowledge base in Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Mechanics and Science, and Materials Engineering.

Information and Communication Technologies

ICT are one of Técnico’s key areas of expertise, which is achieved through training programmes of recognised excellence and cutting-edge research.