Undergraduate Programmes

Técnico offers a wide range of undergraduate courses based on a solid training in physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering sciences. Undergraduate students have multiple options: to continue their studies for a master degree, enter directly in the labour market or create a company. For further information contact the Academic Unit.

Applications and Registrations

Courses List 2016–2017:

Course Campus URL
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (LEAN) Alameda
Electronics Engineering (LEE) Taguspark
Geological and Mining Engineering (LEGM) Alameda
Industrial Engineering and Management (LEGI) Taguspark
Computer Science and Engineering (LEIC) Alameda
Computer Science and Engineering (LEIC) Taguspark
Materials Engineering (LEMat) Alameda
Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering (LETI) Taguspark
Applied Mathematics and Computation (LMAC) Alameda