Open Online Courses

The Massive Open Online Courses of Técnico Lisboa are open online courses designed to offer the best online education with substantiated, relevant, cutting-edge contents. Anyone, anywhere in the world can register and participate in the MOOC Técnico courses, under the motto “learn wherever and whenever you want”, without compromising a certified high-quality education.

Courses and Enrollment

MOOC Técnico

The MOOC Técnico courses approach several topics on Architecture, Engineering, Sciences and Technology and are available at different levels of education: bridging courses on basic sciences of engineering and technology; graduate courses on topics from curricular units of 1st and 2nd cycles of higher education; and extracurricular courses about cross-cutting topics from scientific and technological areas with general public interest.


Self-paced MOOCs:

Other editions:



  • Matrizes de Markov
    Self-paced: October 1st – September 15th 2019
  • Física Experimental
    2nd Edition: October 29th – January 14th
  • Valores Próprios
    1st Edition: November 5th – December 16th
  • Economic and Legal Aspects of Energy in Buildings
    3rd Edition: November 14th – December 19th
  • Energy Services
    3rd Edition: October 1st – November 11th
  • Recognizing Frailty
    3rd Edition: June 18th – July 9th
  • Transformação Digital
    2nd Edition: May 28th – July 2nd
  • Simulação e Controlo de Drones
    1st Edition: May 7th – June 10th
  • Dynamic Energy Budgets (micro)
    2nd Edition: April 6th – April 23rd
  • Dynamic Energy Budgets
    1st Edition: February 19th – March 29th
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Optimal Stopping Problems
  • Movimento Oscilatório
  • Património e Culturas Digitais
  • Mecânica dos Solos em Estado Crítico


  • Markov Matrices
    2nd Edition: 1 March – 10 April
  • Dynamic Energy Budgets (micro)1st Edition: 11 May – 3 June
  • Transformação Digital
    1st Edition: 3 July — 31 July
  • Física Experimental
    2nd Edition: 4 September — 8 October
  • Energy Services
    2nd Edition: 9 October – 13 November
  • Recognizing Frailty
    2nd Edition: 30 October – 13 November
  • Markov Matrices
    3rd Edition: 18 October – 29 November
  • Valores Próprios
    1st Edition: 19 November – 7 January
  • Física Experimental: Eletromagnetismo
    1st Edition: 26 November – 14 January


  • Markov Matrices
    1st Edition: 19th October — 23rd November 2016
  • Energy Services
    1st Edition: 14th November — 15th January 2016
  • Física Experimental
    1st Edition: 21 November 2016 — 8 February 2017

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