Academic Calendars

The Academic Calendar defines the beginning and end of the following school year activities: class periods, exam periods (regular period, appeal period and special period), holidays and exams preparation time.

The Calendar of Academic Deadlines defines the timings for various secretarial procedures related to the admissions to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles, enrollment, registration, among others.

Academic Calendars


Each student must enroll in the curricular units of the semester, as well as in the class shifts (except 1st year students admitted through the National Admission to Higher Education, the enrollment is automatic for these students). Then, a statement is made available which proves the student’s enrollment (and registration) in the respective study programme and academic year.

There are several other moments that may require an enrollment, such as grade improvement, special exam season, or a minor.

Information on Enrollments and Statements

Tuition Fees and Insurance

Whenever a student is enrolled in curricular units, a tuition fee is required according to the programme and tuition fee regime in which the student is enrolled, as well as the secretary fee and the school insurance. There are different ways of paying the tuition fee.

In case of an accident related to the academic activity, the school insurance can be activated.

Information about Tuition Fees, Insurance and Academic Fees


In each study programme, students shall go through various moments of knowledge assessment, according to the guidelines of the Pedagogical Council and the Programme Coordination.

If the student’s academic performance does not meet the minimum requirements defined, the student is in a situation of limitation.

Information about Evaluation

Master’s Dissertation

The dissertation is the final subject of the 2nd study cycle, allowing each student to focus and specialize on a specific topic.

There are specific deadlines for the dissertation’s topic attribution, the conclusion and submission of the final document in Fénix and the awarding of the final grade. If it is carried out in a business environment it may be necessary to establish a confidentiality agreement.

Information about the Master’s Dissertation


After the completion of the study plan and all the grades are posted in the curriculum (Fénix), each student may request the attribution of the corresponding degree.

The recognition of the degree is done by issuing the Degree Registration Certificate, among other documents.

Information about Academic Degrees and Diplomas

Special Student Status

Portuguese law provides for the attribution of special conditions to certain students who find themselves in specific situations during their academic career, such as working students, association leaders, high performance athletes, among others.

Special Student Status

Academic Documents

The Academic Guide is a compilation of all the academic information described in this website, including regulations and forms necessary for the various stages of the academic career.

Other important documents concerning the code of conduct and disciplinary regulations of the University of Lisbon are also available.

Academic Documents