The School

The School

Instituto Superior Técnico aims to contribute to the development of society, promoting and sharing excellence in higher education in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Science and Technology. Técnico offers Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes, lifelong training and develops Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) activities, which are essential to provide an education based on the top international standards.

Facts and figures


Instituto Superior Técnico was founded on 23rd May 1911 by Alfredo Bensaude.


Of students get a job before graduation.


Of graduates get a job within six months after graduation.


Of 2nd Cycle graduates are employed in their field of study.


Técnico students enrolled.


Scientific publications in ISI Web of Science.


Spin-off companies created at Técnico since 2009.


Técnico has 3 campi (Alameda, Taguspark and CTN).


Técnico provides accommodation in 3 student residences.


Of international students attend a PhD programme.


Técnico and the challenges of the future

The great challenge that more than a century ago led to the creation of Instituto Superior Técnico – the need to bring scientific and technological training to Portugal – is now over. One hundred and nine years after its creation, Técnico has approximately 11,000 students of more than 60 different nationalities; it’s a school of engineering, science and architecture, highly internationalized, which promotes the relationship between university-business-society and encourages innovation, entrepreneurship, job creation and knowledge. Técnico is a prestigious school in Portugal and abroad for its academic excellence.

However, almost 10 years after its centenary, Técnico is now at a turning point.

In a rapidly changing world, the new challenges that we face today regarding education, training and research are vast and of enormous complexity.

Climate change and solutions for environmental sustainability; economic and technological globalization; globalization, management and security of personal data; population growth and the need to reduce social inequalities; the impact of rapid technological changes on the existing models of knowledge transfer, and the need to adapt to these changes throughout professional life, are some of the many challenges that society and, particularly, Instituto Superior Técnico will have to face now and in the near future.

Fulfilling Técnico’ s mission in the second century of its existence will, therefore, imply that we continue to contribute to the scientific and technological progress in order to address the complex challenges of the future, thus contributing to a fairer society.

That is why we will have to rethink and to change our teaching model, our research, our link to society and our investment capacity, in close collaboration with our academic, business and societal partners, without prejudice and without fear of the future.

Rogério Colaço
Técnico President