Advanced and
Lifelong Learning

Técnico+ is Técnico Lisbon’s post-graduate school, offering high quality advanced and professional training in the fields of Science and Technology.

It puts together all the existing (now or in the future) advanced training and non-degree courses in Técnico, responding to market needs and creating value for professionals and institutions, assuming itself as the national reference in this area.

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Advanced Training Diplomas

Courses URL
Risks Assessment, Safety and Reliability (DFAARSF)
Marine Renewable Energies (DFAERM)
Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering (DFAERPQ)
Geotechnics for Civil Engineering (DFAGEC)
Technology Management Entreprise (DFAIEP)
Sustainable Energy Systems (DFASSE)

Specialisation Courses

Courses URL
Engineering and Management (CEEG)
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (CELSSBB)