About Taguspark Campus

The IST building at Taguspark campus began operating in 2000 and is located in Lisbon metropolitan area, in Oeiras municipality. This is the fulfilment of a vision that was born in Portugal by the end of last century: the link between Universities and Companies.

The creation of IST Taguspark campus in a Science and Technology Park allow students to live in a business environment, thus stimulating their learning skills.

By the experience of modernity that is experienced by the students at the beginning of their university course, closely coexisting with the business environment, stimulating their learning skills by reinforcing a set of soft skills.

The valorisation of human capital focused on the development of knowledge contributes decisively to the continuous improvement of education, through the creation of a set of conditions necessary for the development of society.

Infrastructures and Services

Food Services

Several food service areas are offered on campus, such as a bar, a canteen, a restaurant & bar and a dining room.

Sports Facilities

The modern infrastructure of the campus encourages students to practice sport. A multi‑sport field is located on campus and is open to all IST community, enabling the practice of sports like football, baskeyball, volleyball and tennis.

Leisure Space

The leisure space on campus promotes interaction between students, faculty, researchers and staff through the sharing of experiences.

Study Spaces

The Library on campus provides and four rooms available for study groups. There are also five study rooms open 24 hours, nine study rooms for Master’s students, a multipurpose room, a training room and a videoconference room.


Parking on campus is free. Researchers, faculty, staff and students are eligible for parking permits.

Laboratories for Education and Research

The campus has a wide range of laboratories for education and research within the different scientific areas, namely a multimedia lab, a game lab, an electronic lab and a bioengineering lab.

Information Technology Laboratories

Information Technology laboratories on campus offer a wide range of IT resources and other complementary services, acting as a strong support to students’ academic work.


The library of the Taguspark occupies one of the noblest areas of the campus, and consists of three rooms reserved for individual study and four offices to study in groups. The library also provides an area of Bookcrossing and more than 1500 non-technical books.


The environment is crucial in daily life and it is for this reason that the campus has a landscaped area inside that beautifies the atrium of the building.

Health Services

The campus has a Health Services office that offers a wide range of medical specialties that provide care not only to the Técnio Lisboa community but also to the public in general.

Shuttle bus

Free shuttle service is available to the IST community between Alameda Campus and Taguspark Campus, with several intermediate stops.

Bank Services

There is one ATM on campus, located on floor 0.

Electronics Workshop

The campus has a factory in the field of Electronics which can be used by students to build support equipment for the implementation of their academic work.

Map and Location