About the Dissertation

The dissertation is the final work of 2nd cycle study programmes, allowing each student to focus and specialise on a specific subject. It can be carried out in one of the following areas:

  • Scientific thesis
  • Internship in a company
  • Multidisciplinary Capstone Project

Each course coordinator may define specific rules for the Master’s dissertation, available on the Fénix webpage of each study programme or Master’s Dissertation curricular unit (CU).


Técnico offers a wide range of dissertation topics to which each student can apply through Fénix system (Student > Dissertation Application), in the semester before the completion of the thesis. In addition, students may propose a specific topic to the course coordinator, with the approval of a professor in the scientific field, who shall act as supervisor.

The deadlines for submitting topics (professors), applications (students) and dissertation assignments are available in the following document:


At the beginning of each semester, each student will have to enrol in the Dissertation curricular unit, during the enrolment period, as in other subjects, through Fénix system (Student > Subjects).

There are specific rules defined by each course coordinator that stipulate a minimum number of ECTS credits required to enrol in the Dissertation curricular unit, as well as the maximum number of ECTS credits from other CUs in which each student may have a cumulative enrolment.

The dissertation may be carried out in the 1st or 2nd semester.

Academic Calendars

Confidentiality Agreement

A confidentiality agreement must be drawn up and signed by the entities involved, regarding the works which, by their nature, require data confidentiality. This agreement becomes mandatory in cases where the dissertation is developed in collaboration with business entities.

Any change to the above mentioned document shall be communicated to the Intellectual Property Office.
The confidentiality agreement has a specific template:

Support and Guidelines

The dissertation is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the supervisors. In addition, there are cross-cutting guidelines applicable to all Técnico students.

Workshop Master’s Dissertation – Do you take up the challenge?

The Pedagogical Council and the Academic Development Unit organise a biannual workshop, at Alameda and Taguspark campi, in the following thematic areas:

  • Emotional and interpersonal aspects
  • Working methodology
  • Writing of dissertation and extended abstract
  • Presentation and discussion

More information about the workshop

Additional Training

The Técnico Library provides a series of training sessions and tutorials about the resources and tools for the elaboration of scientific publications, namely:

  • Library of scientific articles
  • Bibliographic citation and referencing
  • Automated referencing tools

Writing the final document

The final document should be written according to the Guidelines for Writing a Dissertation, which include recommendations on:

  • Structure of the document
  • Text formatting
  • Extended abstract

Conclusion and Submission

The dissertation must be handed in to the supervisor, course coordinator and/or secretariat supporting the course coordinator (according to the rules established by each academic programme) and presented to a jury panel.

The dissertation grade will be assigned after the presentation, and must be approved by the Scientific Council and made public by the academic services.

Dissertation Repository

All dissertations submitted by Técnico students are publicly available in the Collective Catalogue, the institutional repository of Universidade de Lisboa. A print copy of the dissertation is available at Técnico Library for consultation.

Collective Catalog