2nd Session – “Contigo+” Programme

Meeting Room, Civil Engineering building

The first session of “Contigo+” programme took place on 17th November.

The 2nd session of the “Contigo+” programme will take place on 31st January, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., at Técnico – Alameda campus (Civil Engineering building – room 4.41, 2nd floor). The topic of this session is “Gestão pedagógica de UC’s de Projeto Integrador, PIC1 e PIC2”.


3 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Round table “Funcionamento de UC’s de Projeto Integrador, PIC1 e PIC2”, moderated by Professor Carlos Santos Silva, with the following participants:

Ilídio Lopes (Department of Physics -DF)
Fernando Lau (Department of Mechanical Engineering – DEM)
Miguel Teixeira (Department of Bioengineering – DBE)
Nuno Pereira Lopes (Department of Computer Science and Engineering -DEI)

16h00 -16h10 – Coffee break

16h10-17h00 – Wide-ranging discussion with all participants


The session allows the exchange of experiences and methods between various departments and courses.

PIC1 and PIC2 aim not only to respond to current challenges in the teaching of STEM areas, but also to encourage articulation and synergies between teaching and research in School. They are therefore of wide interest.

A third session of the Programme is being planned for February on the topic “Modelos Pedagógicos e Medidas para Sucesso Académico em UCs +200.”