AED Days 2019 – Aeroautics, Space and Defence

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AED Cluster Portugal (AEDCP) is the Portuguese Cluster for the Aeronautics, Space and Defence Industries and was created in 2016 as a private non-for-profit organization. José Neves (AED President) and Rui Neves (AED Managing Director) are Técnico alumni.

The 6th edition of AED Days will take place from 28th to 30th October.

Two open & free Workshops will take place on 29th October afternoon:

• INSIGHT – AI-powered horizon scanning and technology intelligence:
How natural language processing and machine learning are improving technology prospecting in knowledge intensive industries and in the public sector.
by Priberam (one of the first members of IST Spin-Off® community).

• KnowNow4Aerospace (KN4AERO) – Project’s Final Seminar
by KN4Aerospace Portugal (AED Cluster Portugal and CEC).

Participation in these workshops requires registration –