BrainStorms@Técnico: “Communicating with Inclusion”


[BrainStorms] is a “Técnico Student Club on Mental Health and Inclusion” initiative, in collaboration with the Academic Development Office (NDA) of Instituto Superior Técnico too, which consists of a online cycle of conversations, once a month, with various mental health or inclusion professionals.

Each session will have a specific theme and a guest speaker, specialist in the area, who will discuss and present solutions related to the issue in question. Throughout the conversation, there will be a place for participants to interact with the speaker, asking questions through the chat in the virtual room.

The next session is entitled “Communicating with Inclusion” and guest speakers are Joana Lobo Antunes (head of the Técnico Communication, Image and Marketing management Area) and Yolanda Tati (Técnico alumna, radio presenter at cidade_fm).

In the seventh session will discuss how we can promote inclusion through communication, addressing some aspects such as the integration of differences and diversity.

The session is scheduled for 12nd November 2020, at 5 pm.

Registration required.

If you missed the previous sessions, you can watch on Youtube Channel: Saúde Mental IST.

Facebook: Saúde Mental IST (@Saúde-Mental-IST)
Instagram: Saúde Mental No Técnico (@saudementalist).