Colloquia of the Department of Physics (DF) – 2nd semester 2017/2018

Técnico - Alameda campus

The colloquia of the Department of Physics (DF) during the 2nd semester of 2017/2018 will be organised according to the following cycles:

1. The end of Nature
2. Trends and frontiers in Physics
3. Physics at the core of Technology
4. Paths and ways for a graduate in Physics.

Venue: amphitheatre PA1, Mathematics building (floor -1).


28th February, 4 p.m.
“Quantum Disruption” – José Ignacio Latorre (Universitat de Barcelona) – Cycle 2.

7th March
«Panel “Interdisciplinary Physics”» – Mohamed Chaker (INRS-Énergie et Matériaux, Montréal); Jacques Bélair (Université de Montréal-DMS); and George Helffrich (Tokyo Tech-ELSI, Tokyo) – Cycle 4.

14th March
“ITER: Challenges and the Portuguese Participation” – Bruno Gonçalves (IPFN, DF-IST) – Cycle 2.

21st March
“Physics in Neuroscience” – Eugenia Chiappe (Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon) – Cycle 3.

4th April
“Nuclear Physics: Open problems” – Ubirajara Van Kolck (IPN Orsay) – Cycle 2.

11th April
“Extreme laser-matter interactions” – Marija Vranic (GOLP-IST) – Cycle 2.

18th April
“Accelerators and fabrication of new materials” – Katharina Lorenz (DECN-IST) – Cycle 3.

2nd May
to be announced

9th May
to be announced

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