Congress “Physics Cases and Instrumentation for EURISOL-DF”

Técnico - Alameda Campus

The international congress “Physics Cases and Instrumentation for EURISOL-DF, the next step towards EURISOL” will take place on 15th and 16th November, at Abreu Faro amphitheatre.

The EURISOL-DF, is an initiative to form an intermediate step on the way towards the ultimate EURISOL facility in the future, in which three main ISOL facilities in Europe, SPIRAL2/GANIL, SPES/LNL, and HIE-ISOLDE/CERN, will offer a part of its infrastructure to conduct research related to the EURISOL project. This will be done together with the partner facilities, ALTO/IPN Orsay, JYFL/Jyväskylä, and the consortia in Belgium and Poland.

The following topics will be addressed: “The formation and structure of r-process nuclei”, “Physics and astrophysics of neutron deficient nuclei”, “Physics of Light Exotic Nuclei”, ISSOL, “Going to the limits of mass, temperature, spin and isospin with heavy Radioactive Ion Beams”, “Probing fundamental symmetries and interactions with RIBs”, “Innovative Instrumentation for EURISOL-DF”.

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