DF-IST Colloquium – Yasser Omar

Zoom video conference

“The Revolution of Quantum Technologies” - 17:00

The Department of Physics (DF-IST) announces a new colloquium under the DF-IST Colloquia – 2nd semester 2020/2021.

  • 2nd June, 16:00 – Online (via Zoom)
  • Speaker: professor Yasser Omar (IST/Department of Mathematics; Coordinator of Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group, Instituto de Telecomunicações: IT Lisboa)
  • Title: “The Revolution of Quantum Technologies
  • Abstract
    Encoding information in quantum systems, such as electrons, photons, or atoms, opens the possibility of new and disruptive technologies, with the prospect of reaching the ultimate limits of speed in computing, the ultimate limits of privacy in communications, and the ultimate limits of precision in sensing. Furthermore, this novel informational perspective of quantum mechanics has deepened our understanding of quantum physics, and in particular of the key role of quantum entanglement. In this colloquium, I will introduce the key aspects of quantum physics in a non- technical way, and I will discuss how they are at the origin of emerging technologies such as quantum computation, quantum cryptography, and quantum sensing, as well as their role in elucidating our understanding of quantum physics at a more fundamental level.

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