European Robotics League – Service Robots

Técnico - Alameda Campus

From 28th to 31st August will run another tournament of the European Robotics League (ERL) – Service Robots Challenge, at Institute for Systems and Robotics (Técnico-Alameda campus).

The ERL Service Robots is a scientific competition that involves robots operating in a domestic environment interacting with humans in a furnished apartment. Several tournaments take place throughout the year in certified platforms located in academic and industrial European institutions, in which participate teams from Europe and other continents. A team must participate at least in two tournaments per year to be eligible for a prize, resulting from the two best participations. Classifications are based on the performance of robotic tasks.

The tournament will take place at ISR – Lisboa (ISRobonet) and is part of IEEE RO-MAN 2017 competitions. 5 teams from 4 countries, including a Pakistan and a Portuguese team will participate in the event. Socrob@Home is the name of the Portuguese team and is part of ISR.

The tournament is open to the public and media from August 29 afternoon, but limited to room capacity.

Contact: Pedro U. Lima.

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