Jornadas CeFEMA 2019

Técnico - Alameda Campus

The next Workshop “Jornadas do Centro de Física e Engenharia de Materiais Avançados (CeFEMA)” will take place on the 16th and 17th of Setember.

In this workshop the most recent scientific and technological developments resulting from the research activity of the Center will be presented. This event has a strong component based on the activity of the Doctoral and Masters’ students and is for that reason a showcase of the offer of CeFEMA for PhD’s and MSc’s.

The subjects to be treated range fom Materials Physics and Nanotechnology to Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, passing by areas such as Hadronic Physics, building of artificial organs, new energy systems and application of Advanced Materials to Space Missions. There will be short introductions to the subjects to be presented so that even non-experts can understand the presentations.

The Jornadas will take place in the Abreu Faro Amphitheater (Complexo Interdisciplinar building) in the two days and all interested are invited to attend and participate in the presentations. The entrance is free.

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