Mindfulness@Técnico: Biweekly sessions are back

Técnico - Alameda campus

The Mindfulness sessions, organised by the Técnico Student Club on Mental Health and Inclusion, in collaboration with AEIST, are back.

The sessions are open to the entire community and will take place every two weeks, at 6:30 p.m., in the Squash Room (Alameda Campus) starting from 26th October. The next sessions are scheduled for the 9th and 23rd of November, and the 7th of December. They have a duration of 30 minutes and are guided by Cricha Carvalho, a member of the Wild Flower Zen Sangha Association and its Portuguese counterpart.

To learn more about mindfulness and meditation, we suggest you watch the BrainStorms session, held on 09/12/2021, with Jose Carlos Lopes.

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