Portugal Tour – Técnico Solar Boat Odyssey

Técnico Solar Boat is a university project, built by students from Instituto Superior Técnico, from different engineering areas, working on the development of a crewed vessel powered exclusively by solar energy.

The team was created 5 years ago and has participated in International competitions in the Netherlands and Monaco. Last year, the Técnico Solar Boat team got the best classification so far: 2nd place in the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge competition.

This year, due to the current situation that has plagued the country, this group of students decided to end the summer in a memorable way, taking a tour through Portugal – TSB Odyssey. In this initiative, it will be possible to watch the latest prototype developed by TSB: São Rafael 02. This competition vessel, completely powered by solar energy, has an innovative hydrofoil technology that allows the boat to rise above the water and reach high speeds.

The TSB Odyssey consists of carrying out a series of routes from the North to the South of the country, which aims to promote not only the project, but also renewable energies, sustainability and electric mobility within the community.

The first stage is scheduled for August 22 with the passage through the waters of the Douro River between Entre-os-Rios and Porto; on September 5 the trip will take place between Lisbon and Cascais; on September 9 the boat will sail from Sesimbra to Setúbal; and it ends on September 13 with the amazing route from Lagos to Vilamoura.

After completing the routes, the SR02 boat will be exhibited in various cities, along with an exhibition stand where visitors can learn more about the project and get some gifts. “This will be a great opportunity to show our work, make our project known in the Portuguese community, and share our passion for renewable energy and engineering”, said João Novo, current leader of Técnico Solar Boat.