Space Seminar Series – Chiara Manfletti **Canceled**

Técnico - Alameda campus

“Portugal: through Space… to infinity and beyond…” - 11:00 - QA1.4 amphitheatre

The 1st seminar within the “Space Seminar Series (S3)” will take place on 19th March 2020, at 11:00.

Chiara Manfletti, the first president of Portugal Space (Portuguese Space Agency) will give a seminar titled “Portugal: through Space… to infinity and beyond…”.

Abstract: Portugal has been engaged in space activities for many years now. A national space agency – Portugal Space – was created a year ago. What does this even mean and what has changed? Stories and facts about the past, present and a long inspiring road into the future in all aspects of space for Portugal in 30 minutes…tighten your seat belts!

Venue: South tower, floor 1, QA1.4 amphitheatre.

These multidisciplinary seminars are held monthly and bring together internationally acclaimed speakers. Attendance is free (students, researchers and other members of the academic community with interests in science and space technologies).

Rodrigo Ventura (ISR-Lisboa, DEEC, IST)
Patrícia Gonçalves (LIP, DF, IST)
Zita Martins (CQE, DEQ, IST)
Paulo Gil (IDMEC, DEM, IST).

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