Técnico+ Expert Talk – Paulo Peças

We are pleased to announce a new Técnico+ Expert Talk.

  • 31st March 2021, 18:00 – Online
  • Speaker: professor Paulo Peças
  • Title: “Lean – Myth or Fact?

. “Lean and Continuous Improvement mean the same thing.” – MYTH or FACT?

. “Lean only applies to repetitive industries, such as the automobile.” – MYTH or FACT?

. “Using PDCA is slower than applying empirical engineering solutions right away.” – MYTH or FACT?

These will be some of the questions addressed in this webinar, where we will unravel the myths and facts involved in the world of Lean. It will be an interactive session, where you can test your ideas, expose your convictions and clarify your doubts.

These themes will be discussed in the “Lean in Services and Production” training course at Técnico+, coordinated by professor Paulo Peças.

Attendance is free. Registration is required.

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