Técnico podcast “110 Histórias, 110 Objetos” – The Herrmann telegraph

The podcast “110 Histórias | 110 Objetos” (“110 Stories, 110 Objects”) covers the 110 years of history of Instituto Superior Técnico, through its past, present and future objects.

A collection of objects related to different fields, such as science, music, arts and sports, is the starting point for conversations with people who will tell us more about the history of these objects.

A new episode is released every week. The podcast “110 Histórias | 110 Objetos” (“110 Stories, 110 Objects”) is part of the Público newspaper podcasts.

Today’s episode (#94) – 12th May 2023: “110 Histórias | 110 Objetos” (“110 Stories, 110 Objects”) – The Herrmann telegraph.

The Herrmann telegraph was made almost entirely in Portugal, at the end of the 19th century, and made a decisive contribution to real-time communication in the country. The device printed Morse codes on a very narrow paper tape, without requiring the presence of people decoding messages on site. It would be installed in post offices all over the country, after its creation by Maximiliano Augusto Herrmann. One of these telegraphs is exhibited in the Faraday Museum, at Técnico – Alameda campus. It is in full operation, showing visitors the mechanisms that brought people closer together when long-distance communication in real time was still almost a mirage.

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