Workshop LeAD: Introduction to Low-Code

Discover the potential and rise of the Low-Code platform market and learn how to build an app using the OutSystems platform!

Workshop LeAD: Introduction to Low-Code (Técnico+ e ITUp)

  • 24th February 2021, 18:00 | Online (via Zoom*)
    • Attendance is free but requires prior  registration.
    * The link will be sent by email to registered participants.
    • Brief summary:

Low-Code platforms and Career Opportunities

  • The first part of the workshop will be presented by Professor Miguel Mira da Silva, where he will talk about the potential of Low-Code platforms, the great career opportunities in this area and the graduate program LeAD: Low-Code Application Development.

Hands-On Introduction to Low-Code

  • The second part of the workshop, by dr. José Costa (ITUp), will focus on the introduction to low-code programming, using the OutSystems platform, and will clarify all the myths of this technology while teaching you how to quickly build an app:
    •  How to build an OutSystems application;
    • Fundamentals of data modeling in OutSystems;
    • Rapid screen development;
    • How to change different elements in OutSystems applications.

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