Applications for Professor Jaime Campos Ferreira Award 2019

The deadline to apply for Professor Jaime Campos Ferreira Award 2019 is 15th November 2019, at 17:00.

The Department of Mathematics at Instituto Superior Técnico established in 2002 the Professor Jaime Campos Ferreira Award, with the simultaneous objectives of distinguishing IST students for their academic merits in the area of Mathematics and honouring Professor Jaime Campos Ferreira (1927¬-2016), Emeritus Professor at IST, who contributed decisively to the creation and development of the Department and gave an enormous stimulus to the interest in Mathematics of several generations of students.

The jury is composed of professors Cristina Sernadas (President), João Pimentel Nunes, Leonor Godinho, Pedro Girão and Conceição Amado. Up to 3 awards will be delivered, each one consisting of a diploma and €1,000. Elegible students: 2nd study cycle (Integrated MSc students – 4th and 5th year or MSc students – 1st and 2nd year).

As set out in the regulations, the applications must be submitted by 2nd study cycle students themselves or by a Técnico professor. Application form must be filled and delivered to Margarida Carvalho – Department of Mathematics.

More information:
tel. 218 417 120
Facebook (Department of Mathematics)