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Biocheck-in: the automatic antiseptic gel dispenser with body temperature detector

A team of Técnico researchers was involved in this innovative project.

Hand hygiene and body temperature measurement have become essential routines due to the covid-19 pandemic. Greenapple created an innovative solution that allows the user to perform two actions simultaneously: hand hygiene with automatic antiseptic gel administration and body temperature measurement. Biocheck-in provides a less intrusive, comfortable and safer experience in accessing commercial, social and leisure areas. The research team lead by professor Luís Rosado played an important role in this project.

“Biocheck-in is an automatic antiseptic gel dispenser and body temperature measurement on wrist via medical-grade thermal sensor”, explains the Técnico professor. According to the researcher “the functionality of the devices combined with the design is probably the main differentiating factor”.

This is the first electronic product created by GreenApple. In this context, Técnico was invited to participate in the project: “GreenApple contacted us and requested our technical and scientific support”. “Also VisionVolt, a startup created by Técnico alumni, joined the project and was responsible for the development components of the devices”, says the professor.

The project started in mid-April, when the country was already going through the confinement period, which has redoubled efforts. “It was a challenge! Although the operational and logistic difficulties we managed to show the first units in June, while we were adapting ourselves to remote work”, recalls the Técnico professor.

There are 7 models of Biocheck-in adapted for various activities, such as catering, hotels, commerce, schools and universities, post office, bank branches or public offices, ensuring the protection of all.

The innovative dispenser is already available in the market. “At the moment, 300 units are being manufactured to meet the current orders”, says professor Luís Rosado. “Since the first units were installed, we have received very positive feedback from users”, adds the professor.