Campus and Community

17th anniversary of Taguspark Campus celebrated with joy and satisfaction

The community gathered at the main lobby to dance, sing and make a toast to the present and future of the campus.

Taguspark campus celebrated its 17th anniversary this Monday, November 6. The Vice-president of Técnico for the management of Taguspark campus, professor Luís M. Correia, welcomed everyone highlighting that the community began celebrating the 17th anniversary by planting a tree on Saturday, November 4. In his brief speech, professor Luís Correia thanked “everyone who have been part of this path”.

The president of Técnico, professor Arlindo Oliveira, described Taguspark campus as “a bet won”, recalling that “we have to keep working so that we can achieve all we have planned when we began this project 17 years ago”.

The anniversary toast was followed by the inauguration of the Games Lab, which is now open to all community. According to Inês Vilhena and Joana Carvalho, two students at Taguspark Campus, “we can only say nice things about everything around here”. And for this reason, they both hope that “everything keeps going this way because everyone couldn’t be more pleased”.