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Alumni Talks focused on diverse aspects of creativity

Several entrepreneurs participated in the 14th edition of Alumni Talks, which is part of the event Road2EIA@Técnico.

The 14th edition of the event Alumni Talks took place this Wednesday, 8th May. The event brought together Técnico alumni who shared their entrepreneurial experience and inspired the audience. During the event two companies joined IST Spin-Off community.

Ana Teresa Freitas (Heartgenetics), Carlos Amaral (Priberam), Daniel Villa Boa (Chilltime), Fernando Moreira (TECMIC), João Gomes Mota (Albatroz Engenharia), João Penha Lopes (Quidgest), Joel Reis (Life Emotions), José Guerreiro de Sousa (Armilar Ventures Partners), Marcos Ribeiro (Santander Universidades), Paulo Alvito (IDMind), Rui Maia ( Xpand IT) and Sílvio Rodrigues (Jungle) shared their successful experience and stressed that the most important trait of an innovator is resilience.

According to the president of Técnico, professor Arlindo Oliveira, “It’s very important that our students understand and know how to convert knowledge into economic value. This event allows students to meet successful entrepreneurs and their professional journeys”. The president of Técnico stressed that the IST Spin-Off community “has now over 50 companies and has been demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit as well as the willingness to create value”. “There is no problem if you decide to work in solid companies, but this event will show you that there is also a possibility for you to create and implement your own ideas”, said professor Arlindo Oliveira.

Representatives of Quidgest and Jungle – new members of the IST spin-off community – made a brief presentation of the companies. “Quidgest is able to automatically model and generate software according to customer needs, in a wide variety of areas” said João Penha Lopes. According to Sílvio Rodrigues, “Jungle is focused on two major areas: electrical engineering and data science, allowing to identify when turbines or power transformers, for example, have low efficiency or may fail”.

The 14th edition of Alumni Talks was once again organised by the Student Support Unit (NAPE) in collaboration with Técnico Alumni Network, and had the support of Santander.