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Graduation Day: more than receiving a diploma, it’s to be absolutely sure of being able to make the difference

About 290 finalists received their graduate diplomas last Saturday, at ULisboa rectorate building, in Aula Magna.

The 11th Graduation Day took place this Saturday, 18th January, at ULisboa rectorate building, in Aula Magna. The president of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço, praised the graduates and recalled them that a new chapter will now begin “in a society in great change”. “Change isn’t good or bad. It is what we made of it. It will be good if we know how to take advantage of it in favour of society, creating better living conditions, more and better health care, more hope for all. It will be bad if we don’t pay attention to it and if we don’t accept that it exists”.

“I am sure that each one of you will be up to the upcoming scientific and technological challenges”, said professor Rogério Colaço. “Técnico will always be part of your lives, even after you leave. The door will always be open, you are always welcome at Técnico”.

“I think that you agree with me when I say that this experience was not always easy and that it took a lot out of us. But it made us all stronger”

Filipa Guimarães, Biological Engineering graduate student, recalled her difficulties and the lessons learnt during the academic journey. “Técnico students are resilient, hardworking and they never give up. They are curious and self-taught persons and, at the same time, critical and pragmatic”, she said. “I think that you agree with me when I say that this experience was not always easy and that it took a lot out of us. But it made us all stronger and I believe that this will be very useful to face an increasingly competitive job market”, stressed the Técnico graduate.

“We have the right technical skills to make a difference in the fields of Engineering, Science and Technology, both in Portugal and abroad”, said Filipa Guimarães. “Don’t be afraid to take risks and to face new challenges, because if there was one thing that Técnico taught us all, was not to give up at the first difficulty”.

Gratitude and pride of being part of Técnico were highlighted by Nuno Guerreiro, Mechanical Engineering graduate student. “The experience of studying at Técnico is extraordinary from a scientific and academic point of view, but it is also an enriching experience personally”, said Nuno Guerreiro. “The sense of immense responsibility and the enormous resilience that we learnt at Técnico make us almost unbeatable”, he added.

“Técnico changed you and shaped you, and the least we hope is that you do the same in favour of society”, said the Rector of Universidade de Lisboa, professor António Cruz Serra. “We hope that you contribute to the scientific and technological progress of our country, Europe and the world; that you create great companies and that you can make the world better”, he added.

After the performance of TFIST, and before the end of the ceremony, the graduates gathered to take the group photo.

André Rodrigues and Rúben Cardoso, Engineering Physics graduate students, shared their emotions and highlighted the importance of “ending this journey and celebrating it with the family”. “We met brilliant people in our course, with an extraordinary thinking”, said André Rodrigues. “People think that there is a lot rivalry at Técnico, but it’s a myth. In fact, there is a lot of mutual help and a great atmosphere”, he added. “After 5 years studying at Técnico, I feel better prepared to enter the job market”, highlights Rúben Cardoso.

“It is overwhelming being here today, receiving this diploma and greeting the professors”, said Inês d’Ávila, Aerospace Engineering graduate student. “Técnico gives us a lot of skills that makes us feel that everything that comes from now on will be easier”, she stresses.

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