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IST International Day may be the beginning of a great journey

The International Day organised by Técnico attracted a large number of students and conquered the various partners involved.

The IST International Day took place on October 11 and involved the participation of more than 35 international universities. About 1200 students attended the event looking forward to know more about the mobility programmes. The representatives of foreign universities clarified the students’ doubts and convince them “to live the experience”.

Pedro and Gonçalo, civil engineering students attended the event although they don’t know yet if they want to join a mobility programme, but “we will change our mind if there’s a mobility programme in Brazil”. They clarified all their doubts: “we asked questions about the life style, how the mobility programmes work, the scholarships that are available, the difficulties that we may face in classes”, shares Pedro. “This must be a well thought out decision”, adds Gonçalo. They both consider this event “a great way of knowing better what awaits us”, they say.

According to Zhou Mi, from Beihang University in Beijing, China “our university has already a great students’ mobility, but our intention is to increase faculty mobility with Técnico”. Marcelo Alves, a representative of Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo, highlighted “the prestige of Técnico in Brazil”. “There are a lot of families who sell the car and use all their savings so that their children can study abroad”, he shares. “This international experience increases the chances of employability of their children”, he says.

As stated by Gwenaelle Guillerme, secretary general of T.I.M.E association: “we are very pleased to attend the International Day because it allows institutions to promote their work”. “Técnico has been one of the most active members of this association”, reaffirmed the secretary general of T.I.M.E. association. Harald Olk, director of the Technical University of Munich, shares Gwenaelle Guillerme’s opinion “this was one of the best international events I have ever attended”, not only for the diversity of ideas but also for the “quality of students”.

The event lasted 8 hours and, at the end, students had “the necessary information”, “few doubts” and “the will of studying abroad”.