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Knowledge and fun at “Verão na ULisboa”

The first week of “Verão na Ulisboa” was full of enthusiasm. Several secondary school students had the opportunity to develop projects and solve challenges in engineering and architecture.

Rodrigo Oliveira usually comes to Técnico with his mother, who works here. “He always heard about engineering but he wanted to know more”, so “Verão na ULisboa” was the perfect opportunity for him and for dozens of secondary school students who visited Técnico this week.

The students are very curious and they always want to know more. Some of them prefer physical activities rather than activities related to creativity and logic. Rodrigo and the other members of his team are trying to assemble their own rocket. Catarina Coutinho is one of the most active elements of the group and she is trying to decode mentors’ indications. According to Catarina “being here makes us slightly understand what we will be able to do if we decide to study engineering. It’s really good to have this opportunity”.

Assembling a scale model, building a spaghetti bridge, making ice cream, programming a game or building a car with unlikely materials are some of the activities planned for the young students at Alameda campus. “Verão na ULisboa” also takes place at Taguspark campus but the activities are different. Designing a game, creating a supply chain or building a radio, are some of the activities that students can try at Taguspark campus.

Five days are enough to discover professional vocations, to make friends and to unveil the “secrets of engineering”. “We should stay here another week”, says Rodrigo Oliveira. “I can’t imagine a better way of spending holidays than being here: we learn, we have fun, we meet people and we are motivated to become Técnico students”, he adds.

“Verão na ULisboa” continues next week in both campuses – Alameda and Taguspark.