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MecanIST tells success stories and allows shaping career choices

Fórum Mecânica organised a set of activities that inspired hundreds of participants during all the week.

The Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series (MecanIST) took place throughout the week and brought together hundreds of engineering students at Alameda campus. “This year we tried to show what we are capable of and what companies are looking for”, says Daniel Varela, coordinator of MecanIST organisation team. “We wanted to provide Técnico students with an accurate vision for the next months or years”.

Maria Costa e Sousa, engineer at Rolls-Royce and mechanical engineering alumna, shared his academic experience at Técnico and the first steps of her professional career before joining the British company. “During the recruitment process at Rolls Royce, I realised that reasoning is an essential soft skill that almost all employers look for, rather than knowledge, and Técnico teaches us to improve our reasoning skills”, said the alumna. According to engineer Maria Costa e Sousa, Rolls-Royce invests in employee training and “rewards and recognizes our work”. The Técnico alumna shared that she loves her job and that “she will think ten times before leaving Rolls-Royce”.

“This year we wanted to further expand our target audience. This type of events should provide Técnico students as much experiences as possible”, highlights Daniel Varela. “These crowded rooms boost our ego and show us that we have made good choices”, adds the student.

Besides the lectures, workshops and roundtables, Fórum Mecânica prepared the “MecanIST largest job fair ever”, says Daniel Varela. “In total, 36 companies participate in the event, 17 companies in each day”. Bosch, Efacec, REN, The Navigator Company and Thales participated in the event. “Bringing these companies to Técnico and promoting a direct contact with our students is very important to enlighten them about the job opportunities and the future”, said the coordinator of MecanIST organisation team.