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Meet two brilliant students who joined Técnico this year

The two students entered Computer Science and Engineering course with the highest admission average and the highest grade in national admission exams.

Carlos Vaz and Diogo Antunes have much more in common than their excellent academic performance during secondary school. They didn’t know each other, but they probably notice each other’s name in the list of students placed. After all, they were both at the top of it.

“I want to have a good academic performance and be able to meet the expectations and demands of Técnico”, says Carlos Vaz. His interest in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science made him hesitate when the time has come to choose his course, and he even considered to choose Aerospace Engineering. “I realized that Computer Engineering is what makes the most sense to me because it is aligned with my interests and is an area with a lot of potential”, he says. He enjoys programming and, in his spare time, he was delighted to learn more about it. “There is a lot of beautiful things that can be done, it is such a vast area”, highlights Carlos Vaz. “I think that, in a way, Computer Science is like electricity and steam engines in the past, all the innovations of today and tomorrow are going to be built around this area”, he adds with a smile.

Técnico was not always on the top of the list of Diogo Antunes. “A friend of mine invited me to attend a meeting organised by NAPE [Student Support Unit]. I was more convinced after having this meeting. I really liked what I heard ”, he recalls. He was interested in engineering as a whole, he loves mathematics, he is passionate about Physics, but the moment he tried some computer applications he felt it made all sense. “I don’t have much experience in this area, but I really liked what I did. I know it is an area that will grow a lot, where we will have many opportunities to innovate, and where I will develop my problem solving skills, which is something that I like”, points out the new student. “I would be happy to study any type of Engineering”, he says.

Proud of his academic path during secondary school, Diogo Antunes stresses “It’s important looking at defeats and victories as work motivations, and to continue to strive and never give up”. “I know that the course is demanding and I am happy because that is what I am looking for ”, he says. He hopes to join a student group soon. In the long term, he would like “to work in a company where I can learn, surrounded by people who are good at what they do and who bring out the best in me. And perhaps one day, I might be able to work in one of those great tech companies”.

Carlos Vaz also knows that studying at Técnico is difficult and demanding and he considers that “it is important to keep this in mind”. The conversations he had with current Técnico students helped him to adjust his expectations. “I know it won’t be as easy as in secondary school, there may be some shock, but hopefully it won’t be too big”, he says with a smile. Above all, he hopes “to meet lots of interesting people”. Whatever difficulty they may be facing, the two students will try to “get along” and “reinvent themselves”, without fear of failure.