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New temporary food offer at Alameda Campus – from January 1st

Due to the temporary closure of the Cafeteria and Canteen of Civil Engineering building, Técnico will provide several alternatives on campus.

The Cafeteria and Canteen of the Civil Engineering Building will undergo renovation works in order to improve the service provided to the community and are expected to be closed until the end of March. Considering that the Social Services Canteen also has operating constraints, Técnico provides several alternatives that will complement the regular food offer until the end of July.

The following sites will remain open:

  • Social Services Canteen of Universidade de Lisboa – Mathematics building;
  • Main building Cafeteria;
  • Alquimia Cafeteria – South Tower;
  • Interdisciplinary building Cafeteria;
  • Pastelaria Sena – North Tower;
  • Bar da bola – “Secção de Folhas” building /AEIST;
  • Pratos Salteados – AEIST building

The following additional offers will be made available:

  • Spots for food coming from outside the campus (Glovo, Uber, Telepizza, etc) – 4 Spots: North Tower, South Tower, Civil Engineering building and Main building
  • Take Away – North Tower: Pastelaria Sena
  • Outdoors – North garden: Galp Smart Store
  • Outdoors – North garden: Tasquinha do Cão Pequeno (since January 16)
  • Outdoors – North garden: Pizza do Primo Basílico (traditional Italian food) – is scheduled to open at the end of January
  • Outdoors – Canteen tent near the Social Canteen
  • Outdoors – Mathematics building: additional space of 150 m2 to the Social Canteen in Mathematics building (the space is scheduled to open at the end of January)
  • Grab & Go – Main building: Miósitis (organic food); Wrust (organic food) – are scheduled to open at the end of January
  • Spots for food brought from home: Civil Engineering building (24/7 study room); AEIST has placed microwaves to heat food; Canteen tent near the Mathematics Social Canteen (additional microwaves will be placed in the tent)

MAP with the location of all the food spots at Técnico – Alameda Campus.

Additionally, microwaves will be made available, as well as tables and chairs for food brought in from outside, in Civil Engineering building (atrium). As classes are being held in that same building, and in order not to create constraints, we ask that users of this space pay particular attention to the noise level.

The “Aquário” room (Civil Engineering building) will be equipped with microwaves and is expected to be available for lunch (12:00 to 14:00) from January 9.

For any questions on this matter, please send an e-mail to, with the subject line “canteen”.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding on this matter, which is essential to continue working to improve the conditions of our community.