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Técnico Solar Boat unveils SR01

The team showed the improvements that have been made in SR01 and talked about the upcoming competitions.

Técnico Solar Boat unveiled its new vessel this Monday, May 28, at Salão Nobre. João Silva, the team leader, took the opportunity to thank all student groups at Técnico for their support: “I hope that we will increasingly be united”.

The team leader shared the biggest challenges faced in the international competitions and the results achieved: “We are very proud to be the first team, in the Iberian Peninsula, that has developed a complete prototype”. João Silva took the opportunity to talk about the improvements that have been made in SR01 and the upcoming competitions to be held in Groningen, Leeuwarden and Monaco. “Let’s turn this into a 16-day journey where we will give our best”, he reiterated.

Luís Santos invited Dinis Rodrigues, the next team leader, to go on stage to help him unveil SR01. According to Dinis Rodrigues, these activities are very important because “we learn with each other the art of doing engineering”. “I am sure that we will continue to innovate as much as we can”, said Dinis Rodrigues.