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Técnico starts a partnership with Católica

As a result of this partnership, a short-term course on blockchain will start on 20th November.

Luís Correia, Director of Técnico+ and Céline Abecassis-Moedas, Director of Executive Training at Católica-Lisbon are the players of this partnership between Instituto Superior Técnico and Católica-Lisbon.

Blockchain & SmartContracts course is coordinated by Miguel Pupo Correia (Técnico) and Paulo Cardoso do Amaral (Católica) and starts on November 20th. The course lasts three days (21 hours), costs €1,900 and the applications are already open. The course will take place at Católica-Lisbon campus.

This course offered by Católica-Técnico is aimed at a wide target audience: engineers, lawyers, bankers, managers, etc. “This course will provide a very strong interaction between trainer and trainees. The participants ask questions, share experiences and more than anything else they are looking for some answers”, says Céline Abecassis-Moedas.

In search of the truth

This course will address the potential implications of blockchain in business management, in the evolution of a business, in the industries in general and will also address success stories of blockchain.

“Blockchain technology allows to uniquely identify a product or information”, says Céline Abecassis-Moedas. Luís Correia adds: “It allows to verify the truth”. Luxury brands such as Hermès or De Beers, for example, are heavily investing in this technology, which tackles counterfeiting and allows to check if international standards are met, for example, in diamond trading.

How has this partnership come about?

Técnico+ was launched one year ago and has a dual purpose: 1. To reach those who work in the tech area and want to update their knowledge or retrain theirselves professionally; and 2. To reach those holding management positions who are interested in applying this technology to decision making and business development. “We considered that this partnership would benefit both parties, as Católica has great experience in training executives”, explains Luís Correia.

Técnico also has a partnership with ISEG that aims to offer joint courses. “We have established partnerships with Católica and ISEG, according to the different areas and according to what makes sense to us”.

Céline Abecassis-Moedas highlights the excellence of both schools and their national and international prestige. “Our schools work together to complement each other and that is the great benefit of this partnership”.

According to Luis Correia and Céline Abecassis-Moedas, the blockchain technology may be the beginning of a great partnership. “We want this course to be the first of many to come”.

“We have been structuring our ideas and we hope that, in the reasonably near future, we will be able to have a