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The desire to become tomorrow’s engineers

This Thursday, Alameda campus welcomed mechanical and biological engineering students, who shared their expectations and the reasons why they chose these engineering courses.

“I can’t imagine the world without engineering”, says Inês Inácio, Biological Engineering new student. “Almost everything we depend on in our daily lives was created by engineers, so I think there is no doubt about the importance of engineering. Here I will learn what I need to become a good professional”, she adds.

Sofia Marques, also Biological Engineering new student, agrees with Inês. She first chose Medicine but she is quite sure that the Biological Engineering course will give her the opportunity to make a lot of important contributions in this field. “These two areas are very close and also very challenging. I think that, as a Biological Engineer, I can personally contribute to the improvement of the health sector”, she says.

Energy efficiency, climate change, autonomous driving, process automation, robotics and the challenges of biomedicine and biotechnology were some of the topics taken into consideration when choosing the course. The new students arrive at Técnico very curious and eager to learn. During the welcome week several student groups organised a fair, located at the main building hall, in order to provide important information about the courses and the school.

“I hope that 5 years from now I can somehow impact the future and help to do something new or improve something that already exists”, says Mariana Pereira, Biological Engineering new student. She first chose Biomedical Engineering “because I’d like to work on prostheses”. She will apply again in the 2nd phase of the national competition for access to public higher education 2019/2020, but she knows that even if she fails she will make positive impacts: “An engineer is someone who wants to make a difference”.

João Oliveira and Francisco Couto still haven’t decided what they really want to do in the future, but they hope that the Mechanical Engineering course will help them to make the right decision. “Engineering is key to progress”, stresses João Oliveira. “Mechanical Engineering is a very broad area and with all the changes ahead I think we can give important inputs”, highlights Francisco Couto.

By the end of Thursday morning there were more than 1000 students enrolled at Técnico.