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The team that will fire up the Web Summit

A dynamic and talented team is ready to welcome everyone at Técnico booth.

The 2019 Web Summit will have over 1,200 speakers, nearly 2,100 startups, approximately 1,500 investors, more than 160 countries represented, 24 stages, a lot of technology and a mandatory stopping point over the three days: the Técnico booth. During the event an enthusiastic team composed of faculty, staff and students will welcome everyone at Técnico booth and will show various projects developed at Técnico.

The Technology Transfer Office at Técnico (TT @ Técnico) expects an overwhelming participation this year, after a very successful presence in 2017. “Our presence at the Web Summit is very important and aims to show Técnico’ s multidimensionality”, says Carla Patrocínio, coordinator of TT@Técnico and Técnico alumna. “We want to show visitors that Técnico is a prestigious engineering school in Portugal and in Europe, and that we are also open to companies and society”, she adds.

Técnico+ will be one of the highlights. “We want to show that Técnico is able to provide further training”, stresses the coordinator of TT@Técnico. Other team’s goals are: approaching Técnico alumni, the startups created at Técnico, the companies that are part of Técnico Partner Network and also those that can become part of it. “We have a really effective team, which is divided into several groups that will work towards our goals. The presence of students in our team provide undoubtedly valuable input”, says Carla Patrocínio.

Gasparzinho, the iconic and friendly robot from ISR-Lisbon, will be exhibited at Técnico booth. Rute Luz is part of the SocRob@Home do ISR-Lisbon team. She will demonstrate the many robot features and will provide information about the research carried out at ISR-Lisbon. “The enthusiasm for robotics and artificial intelligence continues to grow, and this leads to the emergence of many applications. It is really exciting seeing people using this technology in a creative and innovative way”, says the ISR researcher. “People are always very curious about Gasparzinho and I think that it will stand out. Although Gasparzinho is just a part of the work we develop at ISR, it’s great to show the public the technologies that may be part of our daily lives in the future”, adds Rute Luz.

Dinis Rodrigues can’t take the Técnico Solar Boat prototype to the 2019 Web Summit, but he will talk about it during the event. He applied for the tickets awarded by TT @ Técnico because he considers that the Web Summit is “a unique opportunity to make contacts and to have a clear idea about the labour market”. He is attending the last year of MSc degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and he is quite interested in Artificial Intelligence. “I want to experience first-hand what is happening in this area”, he says. “I want to show that Técnico is a prestigious school. I want to spend time networking, I want to meet people and entrepreneurs from all over the world”, says Dinis Rodrigues.


“If I go to the Web Summit in the next few years, or to an event like this, I’ll be happy to see Técnico represented by its students”

Ricardo Espadinha, member of NEECIST, will attend the Web Summit for the 3rd time. Ricardo Espadinha and Sofia Cabeleira will represent the Técnico Alumni Network. “Our challenge is to find Técnico alumni at the Web Summit and my experience tells me that we will find a lot of them. We want to understand how they position themselves in the labour market, what type of career they are pursuing, and of course we want to invite them to revisit Técnico”, explains Sofia Cabeleira. “It’s very important to strengthen the link with Técnico alumni, and I think it’s very interesting that we are doing this through the current students”, stresses Ricardo Espadinha. “If I go to the Web Summit in the next few years, or to an event like this, I’ll be happy to see Técnico represented by its students”.

João Moita, member of BEST, is also part of Técnico team. When we talk about the Web Summit we also talk about entrepreneurship, which is of direct interest to João Moita. “I hope to meet new people, new companies, new startups”, he points out. João Moita will be part of E4T, a group of professors and entrepreneurs who will analyse the startups with most potential. “I think it will be a fun and enriching experience”, says João Moita.

Catarina Carvalho, from Técnico+, considers that the participation of Técnico at the Web Summit is very important. “Técnico + is still recent so this is a way of disseminating our training offer”, she says. “We want to tell companies that we exist. We not only provide training courses to companies staff but we also provide knowledge to those who want to learn more about engineering and technology”, highlights Catarina Carvalho. Two members from Técnico+ team will be permanently at Técnico booth providing a lot of information. Técnico+ will give a 10% discount for Web Summit attendees who sign up in the Landing Page. According to Catarina Carvalho this is “a way of understanding what is being done worldwide, the emerging technologies, the main focus of companies right now and the future challenges”. This will be extremely useful to enrich Técnico+ training courses.

A journalistic and photo coverage will be carried out and a social media presence will be ensured. “Nowadays, any kind of conference occurs also virtually”, says Joana Duarte, who manages TT @ Técnico social media. “Besides sharing what is happening with the people who are at the event to get them involved and bring them to us, we also want to reach people who for some reason can’t attend the web summit but have an interest in this issue”, she explains.

“We invite everyone to visit our booth because we have so much to tell, so much useful information to give and we have a fantastic team”, invites Joana Duarte. The t-shirts are already dressed and the booth is ready to welcome Técnico community and everyone interested in joining us. The colours of the stand will catch your eye and the slogan “We Tech the Future” will call your attention.