Campus and Community

Today is the first day of the rest of the lives of many students

The new students arrive at Técnico with a mix of emotions: enthusiasm and nervousness.

The new students arrive at Técnico with curiosity, nervousness and an immense joy. They are well aware that Técnico is academically very demanding, but this is something that both concerns and stimulates them.

Inês Martins, Beatriz Pereira and Carolina Ruas entered Biomedical Engineering. Although Inês and Beatriz are both from Figueira da Foz, they only met today at Técnico. Carolina Ruas had to cross the Atlantic ocean to make her dream come true. She came from Azores and she has a sparkle in her eyes: “I am having a mix of emotions in the last 24 hours. I am happy for having entered Técnico but I will miss my family. I felt tremendously happy when I realised that I got my first choice course”.

Fábio Monteiro and António Nunes entered Aerospace Engineering, the course with the highest admission grade at national level. Fábio Monteiro always though he wanted to study medicine but a few months ago and after looking at the study plan of Aerospace Engineering course at Técnico he made up his mind. António Nunes decided a long time ago that he wanted to study Aerospace Engineering. “Aerospace Engineering graduates are highly employable. This course addresses topics that interest me the most and in which I would like to work in the future”, he stresses. “This is a huge university campus”, says Fábio Monteiro. “I know this will be a demanding year, but that’s what stimulated us: knowing that we’ll learn a lot”, says António Nunes. “But we are up to the test”, adds Fábio Nunes.

Hundreds of students arrived at Técnico this morning to enroll and register in several courses: Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Physics, Applied Mathematics and Computation and Biomedical Engineering. The students are welcomed by their assigned mentors, who will guide them throughout the day. During the afternoon, the students will have the opportunity to visit the campus and to learn more about the courses.