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Training course – CyberSecurity for Companies

Applications are open until 2nd May 2023. 

The CyberSecurity for Companies training programme was jointly designed by CATÓLICA-LISBON and TÉCNICO+ with the aim of promoting a vision of the current risks associated with Information Technologies and Management practices, addressing technological and human components of information systems, with special attention to their vulnerabilities.


• Understand the current information systems and their main vulnerabilities;

• Understand the importance of the human factor in IT security;

• Learn about the major threats to information systems;

• Understand the information system infrastructure and architecture to protect;

• Contact with the main techniques, approaches and technologies used in protection systems;

• Manage risk and access to information sources and associations, in order to participate in the joint defense of technological infrastructure;

• Be prepared to react to information systems, namely in decision-making, in a crisis situation;

• Be able to apply the most appropriate and necessary governance solutions for CyberSecurity management in companies;

• Design and manage a CyberSecurity plan.

Course information

Start date: 16th May 2023
End date: 31st May 2023
Schedule: Wednesday and Thursday, 5.30 p.m./9 p.m.
Price: 1550€
Format: Online
Duration: 21h
Applications are open until 2nd May 2023

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