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German Physical Society distinguishes Técnico professor

Professor Francisco Santos has developed his research work in the search of the origins of cooperation and the more effective solutions for its promotion.

Francisco Santos, researcher at INESC-ID and professor at Técnico received the 2017 Young Scientist Award for Socio-and Econophysics from the German Physical Society. The award recognises outstanding original contributions that use physical methods to develop a better understanding of socio-economic problems. According to professor Francisco Santos “receiving this award is rewarding because it shows that the work carried out in collaboration with my colleagues is recognised and is relevant”, and “therefore it’s an incentive for the future”, he underlined.

Professor Francisco Santos’ work is also focused on the search for international cooperation for climate change. The solution to this problem, suggested by computational models, points at a greater efficiency regarding local agreements. “The results suggest that if we take a polycentric or bottom-up approach to tackle this type of global problem, we are likely to be more successful than if we continue with the traditional top-down paradigm supported by major world summits,” said the professor.

According to the INESC-ID researcher, computation on 21st century will be considered “as one of the languages of excellence in interdisciplinary researcher”. Professor Francisco Santos also highlights the role of Técnico in these matters and in his research: “Técnico is dealing very well with this paradigm shift, once it recognises the importance of teaching and research in computer science applied to other areas of engineering and science, from biology and medicine to social science”, he underlines. “we are well on track”, he concludes.