Science and Technology

Minister of Science talks with CTN researchers

The participation of the researchers’ communities in the debate on new scientific employment policies brought the Minister of Science to Técnico – CTN campus.

The Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, professor Manuel Heitor, participated in the event “Talk with Researchers”, held this Monday at Técnico – CTN campus. Following the same event held on February at Alameda campus, the Minister wanted to “meet informally with CTN researchers to discuss issues that interest us all”, he said.

Professor Manuel Heitor and professor Arlindo Oliveira, president of Técnico, brought to discussion the following topics: the scientific employment, the link between entrepreneurship and science, as well as the link between science and society.

The measures to combat the labour precariousness that affects grantees was one of main topics under discussion. The Minister noted that the Decree-Law No.57, of August 2016, which approves a doctorate hiring regime, is a “programme to stimulate scientific employment” that will “help to combat labour precariousness”. The government intends to hire 5000 PhD researchers until the end of the current mandate.

The Minister explained that the development of these goals depends not only on the Government but also on the institutions. And this brings us to another discussed topic: linking science with other strategic areas that can provide autonomous funding. “It is necessary to strengthen and to create new institutions, able to take new challenges, to create employment and to stimulate economic growth.”, said the Minister.

The audience was pleased that “the Minister wanted to hear the researchers’ perspectives”. “I will not come to any decision without you”, outlined Manuel Heitor.