MOOC Técnico – Data Science: KDD Process

Data Science, together with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, appear today as the holy grail of the evolution of the information society, but not going so far, they are fundamental pieces in the 4th industrial revolution offering an interesting career for those who bet in this area.

This course demystifies the subject, presenting the fundamental topics of the area in a simple way, and describing each of the steps of the process of discovering information from databases. Particular importance is given to the different stages of the process, namely exploratory analysis (data profiling), data preparation, including variable re-engineering (feature engineering) and the evaluation of discovered information. Finally, the most popular modeling tasks (mining tasks) are described, such as classification, prediction, segmentation (clustering), pattern discovery and anomaly detection.

• Target Audience
The course is specially designed for graduates and/or professionals in computer science or similar, with an interest in the application of intelligence and learning algorithms to information systems.

Important dates
Course start date: 1st October 2021
Course end date: 28th February 2022.

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